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Raritan: The Most Dependable Name on the Water

Raritan manufactures equipment for pleasure boats throughout the world.

Products include marine toilets, waste treatment systems, icemakers and water heaters.Committed to the environment and preserving sea life, Raritan designs products to help maintain an environmental balance and ensure the quality of marine waters.


AQUAVALVE from Tru-Design Distributed by Raritan


Electronic Y-valve "push-button" diversion allows remote control of the Y-Valve


Manual Y-Valve



Both Y-Valves have a variety of tail fittings allowing the greatest flexibility in any Y-Valve on the market. Tail pieces available in straight, 90 degree and 120 degrees. Can be installed at different rotations as well.

Sanitation Hose


The most flexible marine grade hose on the market. Odor Free and the lowest permeation level of any rubber or PVC hose

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Raritan Engineering. Main Office and plant in Millville, New Jersey. Phone 856-825-4900, Fax 856-825-4409. Southern office in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Phone 954-525-0378, Fax 954-764-3700

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