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MK5, MK445, MK2 and MK6


Shown Below: MK3




Rudder angle indicators are economical steering aids and rudder position monitors.


  • Useful aid for docking or close maneuvering.
  • Constant monitoring of rudder angle position from 0 to 45 degrees.
  • Ready for installation with all necessary components needed — meter, calibration box and sending unit.


  • Available in four models:
    MK2 model 2" round is spray proof (IP64) and backlit.
    MK3 model 3 3/8" round is spray proof (IP64) and backlit.
    MK445 models use compact flush mount meter with an edgewise readout.
    MK5 and MK6 models use easy to read panoramic meters.
  • Repeater units are available for multiple station readouts.


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