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Managerm Waste Treatment System

Product Name: Managerm 3oz Enzymes

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Weight: 0.2310 lbs
Width: 4.0000 in
Height: 3.0000 in
Depth: 2.0000 in
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Managerm Waste Treatment System

The Managerm is a Type II Marine Sanitation Device (MSD), it is meant for vessels over 65’ in length and required if discharging overboard in US navigable waterways inside the 3-mile limit. The Managerm is an aerobic waste treatment system that breaks down the waste using natural good bacteria before the liquid is passed over disinfecting tablets before being discharged overboard. The main tank of the Managerm has media in it that provides a good place for the bacteria to live and the surface area allows for more effective breakdown of the waste. Having plenty of venting in the tank allows for the right amount of air needed to have the aerobic system work properly.

The advantage to an aerobic system is that it should not smell like a holding tank. Because most holding tanks are closed systems the bacteria generate at a very high rate and create the dreaded holding tank smell that most boaters have experienced at some time. The advantage of good bacteria and plenty of air is that the waste breaks down naturally without the odor. The key to a system like this is that it does require a constant flow of “food” for the good bacteria to breakdown or the good bacteria will die. This system is best in a constant use scenario or at a minimum no longer than 2 weeks in between uses. However, if the use is not that frequent the system can be regularly “re-started” by adding more of the good bacteria.

Managerm Innovation

The Managerm was originally designed to be installed above the waterline and then the discharge simply flows out once the system is full and another flush enters the primary tank. With many installations being required below the waterline Raritan developed a system that discharges the secondary tank once it reaches a certain level. In the primary tank of the manager solids settle out and only water flows over into the secondary tank.

Depending on the use the Primary tank will need to be pumped out occasionally as the solids that aren’t fully broken down will accumulate. The system uses a dry bacteria that gets added to the tank along with our K.O. Kills Odor product which also contains strains of good bacteria. The two together make for a very simple system that is extremely efficient when properly installed. In addition to the bacteria it does require the addition of tablets into the dispenser that the water flows across prior to discharge for disinfectant. The tablets are formulated with the same type of chemical used in many municipal waste treatment plants that also treat waste before discharging it.

This system is an excellent choice for houseboats that tend to be over 65’ feet or any other larger boat looking for treatment options rather than a big stinky holding tank.


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