Atlantes Freedom with Vortex-Vac

Atlantes Freedom with Vortex-Vac

Raritan Engineering your electric toilets experts would like to share with you one of our best electric toilets available, the Atlantes Freedom with Vortex-Vac.

Enjoy the ease of smart toilet control! Quiet “whisper” flush. Convenience of a household toilet in a one-piece molded china bowl.

Available in 12V or 24V DC, household and elongated size bowl in white or almond.  Fresh water models utilize on-board pressurized freshwater and sea water models utilize a remote pump installed between raw water source and bowl.

SeaFresh model allows switching between fresh and raw water source. The sturdy “just like home” handle activates an adjustable 10, 12, 14, or 16 second flush which conveniently eliminates the need for extended pressing of a momentary switch.

Visit us at and see our inventory of amazing electric toilets, especially the Atlantes Freedom with Vortex-Vac, and see how we provide you the best products in the marine sanitation industry today.

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