About Us

Raritan Engineering Company Inc is a family owned and operated business with over 65 years of experience. We started with a simple product, a manual marine toilet designed for recreational boats and used by the Navy. That first toilet was named the PH, and while it’s undergone changes and modifications, it still has a place in Raritan’s line-up of marine toilets

In addition to being a pioneer in the marine manual toilet business, Raritan introduced an electric macerating toilet – the Crown Head – many of which still exist in the field today!

The development of the Marine Elegance and most recently the Marine Elegance Comfort Height, required it fit in a small area, have a powerful, quiet flush, and any required maintenance be easy.  Raritan developed a unique mounting system specific to the Marine Elegance, which allows for extremely clean lines - a favorite for those who like a clean look and a clean bathroom!

Of course, with toilet waste comes environmental responsibility. By the time the Clean Water Act was established, Raritan introduced a Type I Marine Sanitation Device. The Electroscan, significantly outperforms the Type I standard, by breaking down and disinfecting the waste so it can be legally discharged overboard Inside the 3-mile limit in areas not declared as a Federal No Discharge Zone.

Each of Raritan’s many products are designed with ease of installation and service in mind. Hand-built and tested to ensure trouble-free operation, each of our toilets comes with a 2-year warranty. Raritan’s customers may pay a little more for the quality but the lack of replacement and/or being rebuilt on a yearly basis pays for itself relatively quickly. 

Building reliable products is key to the core values at Raritan Engineering Company, Inc., but equally important to Raritan is its stellar customer service and technical support. Raritan is proud to provide live telephone support throughout the week to allow users to have questions answered, or emergency parts shipped the same day. We also have an ever-evolving website for 24/7 access to access, product information, product ordering, including how-to, help and product information videos and manuals, including owner's manuals.  We strive to get every customer back out on the water as quickly as possible.  An investment in a Raritan product is always backed by unmatched after sale support.