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Marine Elegance

This handy toilet was specifically designed to fit in all those tight spaces on boats where the addition of a toilet seems to be an afterthought at times. The Marine Elegance originally boasted the smallest footprint in a one-piece china bowl allowing it to fit on “the step” in most head areas. The efficient macerator is the same that is used in the Atlantes and boasts the Vortex-Vac technology. Many don’t understand the term vortex-vac or know what it means. Many years ago, vacuum toilets were all the rage but required quite a bit of equipment to create a vacuum to suck the waste out of the bowl. Raritan developed a macerator system that easily pulls the waste out of the bowl in an extremely efficient action with a lot fewer moving parts. The shape and design of our bowls combined with the macerator allow us to create the vacuum within the bowl making it far more efficient. On a boat it is generally known the less parts the better.

The Marine Elegance is an excellent choice for those tight on space and looking for simplicity with a variety of flushing options. The Marine Elegance like many of the other Raritan models offers a SeaFresh flushing option allowing the owner to switch between freshwater flush or raw water flush.  This is an ideal option because it gives you the best of both worlds! Flush with raw water so you do not need to worry about running out of water. Then flush with freshwater to clean out the lines and prevent nasty smells from permeating the boat.

Control options include the Smart Toilet Control giving the user the ability to control intake and discharge water separately as well as flushing for a normal cycle or water saver cycle the simple multi-function control offering the simple water in or water out on a momentary basis in addition to a flush that allows intake and discharge to run at the same time or a good old fashioned pushbutton is also available.

Part Number: 230AHF012
Shipping Weight:54lbs
Shipping Height:22in
Shipping Width:23in
Shipping Depth:19in

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