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The SeaEra “original” is a toilet that has an integral intake pump at the back of the motor. This means a single motor is always running both the intake and the discharge at the same time. For those wanting freshwater or a remote intake pump see the SeaEra QC.

Design features of the SeaEra that make it unique from similar looking products include a full size joker valve to reduce clogs. Raritan also found it necessary to separate the intake water from the discharge water. In many other brands the intake and the discharge water is only separated by a seal. This means that dirty water can come in through the bowl. By utilizing a diaphragm intake pump and the opposite end of the motor the user can feel confident that they will always be flushing with clean water.

The only consideration is the type of control. With the SeaEra only a pushbutton can be used because it is a single motor driving both the intake and the discharge at the same time. For independent control options please look at the SeaEra QC as it offers multiple control possibilities.  Don’t forget for tight spaces or if trying to replace a manual toilet that the SeaEra allows for the base to be rotated to make it fit better in unusual and tight spaces.

Part Number: 160HI012
Shipping Weight:40lbs
Shipping Height:22in
Shipping Width:23in
Shipping Depth:19in

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