Diverter Y Valve

Raritan’s Diverter Y-Valve allows for easy installation as it can be configured using any port as input. Port connections are National Pipe Thread allowing the use of the many stock fittings available in local marine and hardware stores.

The flexibility of configuring each port with a different fitting allows the installer to easily connect to hoses without having to run new lines or change runs just to enable connection. The body is constructed of ABS and allows a full flow of water through the valve body.

This full flow design helps to eliminate some of the common problems caused by a restriction in the line created by Y-valves. The valves do allow re-configuration of which ports are open or closed in the event the valve must be rotated a certain way for proper installation.

In addition, Raritan supplies labels to place on the mounting straps so that the port is clearly labeled as to where the flow is directed. To satisfy No Discharge regulations the valve must be directed to a holding tank while in a No Discharge Zone and the handle removed. The handle easily detaches by simply lifting up.

  • Full flow Diverter Y Valve
  • Valve body constructed of durable, high strength ABS
  • Any port can be easily configured as Input
  • All female ports are standard 1 ½ National Pipe Thread (NPT)
  • Removable handle helps satisfy No Discharge Zone requirements
  • Mounting clamps included for easy bulkhead mounting
  • Labels included for clear port identification

Part Number: DV11
Shipping Weight:2lbs
Shipping Height:6in
Shipping Width:9in
Shipping Depth:7in

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