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Fresh Head

Fresh Head Manual Marine Toilet

This manual toilet is the first that allows the user to connect pressurized freshwater to a manual toilet. While there are many options that allow users to flush their manual toilet with freshwater none involve being able to connect pressurized freshwater and flush anytime you want. It contains a unique valve that allows the user to let in as much or as little water as they want when ready to flush.

Many users prefer to keep the bowl try to prevent splashing of water while underway. The unique valve allows you to let a little water in to wet the bowl before being used. The diaphragm discharge pump is extremely efficient and easy to operate with a telescoping handle. The design of the diaphragm pump allows the user to empty the bowl in just a few quick strokes and the configuration of the pump and handle make it seem like you are barely pumping. The base fits in the same footprint as a very popular manual toilet that uses outside raw water.

Fresh Head Advantages

The advantage of using freshwater to flush is that it completely eliminates the rotten egg smell so commonly associated with raw water flushing. When you bring in outside salt or brackish water there are organisms in that water.  Unless you are flushing everyday that water sits in the rim of the bowl, gets stagnant and the organisms die leaving you with a horrid smell the first time the toilet is flushed after sitting for an extended period of time.

Often people will notice black specs that come out of the rim with the water all of this is caused by the “life” that had been in the outside water. For this reason, Raritan chose to develop a toilet that allowed users with a decent supply of freshwater a way to easily flush their manual toilet without having to do all kinds of plumbing tricks to allow their manual toilets to flush with freshwater without having pressure come to the pump.

The diaphragm pump has a locking feature on it. It allows the user to put the pump in a “closed” position which helps prevent water from coming back in through the full size joker valve and filling the bowl. The full size joker valve means better performance when flushing and less of a chance for the toilet to clog when someone puts too much through it. Smaller joker valves get clogged up very easily with toilet paper making it hard for the user to flush the toilet. Each unit comes with a slow close seat that include stops on the underside of the seat to help prevent the seat from shifting while in use in heavy seas.

When installed with a holding tank this toilet does not reuire any additional holes be installed in the boat making it a much easier DIY toilet for installation on boats that do have a supply of onboard freshwater. All that is required is a freshwater connection, a place to mount this small toilet and a holding tank designed for pump out.

Part Number: 25H00
Shipping Weight:34lbs
Shipping Height:23in
Shipping Width:24in
Shipping Depth:16in

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