Getting Rid of That Funky Smell On Your Boat


The Best Way to Remove That Nasty Boat Head Smell

Raritan Engineering Company your boat cleaning products suppliers would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how to get rid of that funky smell on your boat.

Your boat cleaning products distributors discuss how it’s the time of year when boat heads can start to get a bit funky, so in the interests of family harmony, it may be wise to grab this deadly duo of odor-killing potions from Raritan. Stage One—attack the toilet bowl and surrounds with C.P. (Cleans Potties) Marine Toilet Bowl and Drain Cleaner, whose bacteria-killing powers do not rely on nasty chemicals but will leave the head and its environs a much nicer place. Stage Two—give the holding tank a hefty dose of K.O. (Kills Odors). Also chemical-free, K.O. relies on its bioactive ingredient to break down waste and neutralize those cruise-killing aromas. Between the two of them, your boat should be rendered odor-free in next to no time.

Find all the boat cleaning products you need here at Raritan Engineering, where we always take care of your marine sanitation supply needs.

         via Gear: Raritan Cleaners

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