How Does an Atlantis Freedom Marine Toilet Work?

How Does an Atlantis Freedom Marine Toilet Work?

Vortex-Vac technology creates vacuum internally so no remote vacuum pump required

  • Powerful vacuum without remote pumps
  • Less water consumption with new fully programmable control
  • Solid one piece porcelain bowl in traditional and elongated
  • Easily installs above or below waterline on any vessel
  • Sturdy stainless steel handle has “fail-safe” operation
  • Designed for commercial and recreational vessel applications
  • Sea/Fresh model available, allows user to easily choose onboard or outside water
  • 01 Models have a four function wall mounted switch including water saver, dry flush and normal flush
  • 02 Models have momentary handle operation, no timer, offering flush and dry flush options
  • 03 Models have flush handle with timed operation

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Via:Atlantis Freedom Marine


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