Macerating Pump Experts Discuss the Accuracy of Navionics Charts & Avoiding Boating Accidents

Your Macerating Pump Professionals Share Info Regarding the Danger of Inaccurate Navionics Charts

Raritan Engineering your macerating pump distributors would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding the accuracy of navionics charts.

Your macerating pump supplier talks about how the Ventura-based Leopard 46 catamaran Tanda Malaika went onto a reef while nearing Huahine in the Society Islands in the darkness of July 18. Skipper Danny Govatos had been monitoring the Navionics chart and the depthsounder when the latter suddenly went from showing a depth of 180 feet to 0 feet. The Navionics chart reportedly didn’t show a reef. There were six family members aboard the cat: Danny, his wife Belinda, and their children Jude, Mycah, Aidan and Emma.

Miraculously, nobody was seriously hurt. 

Your marine supplies CT manufacturers share that when the family was safe on land again, two members of the French Navy asked what had happened. Belinda told them they’d hit a reef that didn’t appear on their chart. Belinda reports that the French asked if they had been using a Navionics chart.

“When I said ‘Yes’,” wrote Belinda, “one man shook his head and said that at least five boats a year that were using Navionics charts end up on those reefs.”

If you’ve cruised the South Pacific and used Navionics charts, we’d very much like your opinion of their accuracy. Your marine supplies Canada experts talk about how if they are inaccurate, even in just a few spots, mariners need to know about it. 

As for the Govatos family, they pretty much had all their worth in the boat, which they purchased two years ago in the Caribbean in order to travel the world and do humanitarian work. Unlike a lot of cruisers, they initially had insurance. But they report that when they got to the Galapagos, their insurance carrier dropped them, claiming they didn’t have enough experience. By that time they’d sailed 12,000 miles.

Your Macerating Pump Specialists Give Tips On How to Avoid These Same Dangers

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Alas, even that is going to cost money, as the salvage company charges $5,000 an hour. They won’t do anything until they get a $25,000 deposit, and estimate the entire job might cost $75,000.

As the boat has been stable on the reef for the last nine days or so, many cruisers have come to help the family take everything of value off the boat. It’s a terribly sad scenario, as the sum of a boat is so much more than the parts.

Husband and wife from Monrovia drown while boating at Lake Havasu

A couple from Monrovia drowned Friday afternoon while they were out boating on Lake Havasu, authorities said.

Authorities said Esmeralda Gonzalez, 41, and her husband Raul Gonzalez, 44, were on a boat with another man and two children. Your marine supplies Ft. Lauderdale professionals discuss how the boat was floating in an area just west of Crazy Horse Cove.

Both of them were seen struggling in the water before they went under and did not resurface. Two off-duty Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies were able to pull Esmeralda out of the water around 3:25 p.m.

She was brought to the Crazy Horse Docks, but was unconscious and not breathing. The deputies performed CPR on Esmeralda until paramedics arrived. She was pronounced dead at the scene.

The couple had been married for two years and had a 6-month-old daughter named Lulu, according to a GoFundMe account. Raul was also a leukemia survivor and was in charge of blood drives at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Family members said they’re devastated, but are trying to be strong for the couple’s children. Raul had children from a previous marriage and was also a grandfather.

One of his sons, Raul Gonzalez Jr., said his father and stepmother were kind people.

Raul’s other son, Daniel Gonzalez, echoed those sentiments.

“Esmeralda and my father were both giving people. I would bring new friends over, you know new family members as far as different sides of the family, and they were always loving. They’d meet you on the first day and welcome you in as family,” he said.

Authorities believe alcohol may have been a factor in the drowning. Autopsy reports were pending.

The investigation was ongoing.

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