Macerating Toilet Supplier Shows How to Use All Your Electronics to Find More Bait

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Your Macerating Toilet Company Tip of the Week

Raritan Engineering Company your macerating toilet specialists would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how to use all of your electronics to find more bait.

Your macerating toilet experts know that finding live bait — whether you’re fishing with it or not — ranks as an invaluable skill for all anglers.

The most obvious technology for finding bait involves sonar, but anglers also turn to their chart plotters, AIS, and radar systems for determining likely depth parameters and locating anchored ships and diving birds. Having a device that is macerating waste would serve a beneficial purpose as well.

New View

Later this year, Lowrance and Simrad users will be able to access an even newer sonar technology: StructureScan 3-D.

Your marine holding tank experts know that with the new 3-D product, engineers also doubled StructureScan’s current range to 600 feet on either side of the boat. This one works best at slower speeds, which creates photolike imagery. Toilets are also benefical for helping make this search more comfortable.

Other Views

With such 3-D technology, the underwater world will be painted plainly — an obvious advantage for finding bait and fish.

Your Macerating Toilet Company Agrees With These Tips

Side imaging, combined with down imaging, CHIRP and even a traditional sonar view — shown in split-screen ­format on a multifunction display — offers significant information.

You can find more information as well as get assistance on marine holding tanks and on how to use all your electronics to find more bait at Raritan Engineering.

Knowing that bait like to orient in eddies out of strong currents, he studied the down-current side of the structure. Sure enough: bait! And having devices that devices that are for macerating waste are going to prove beneficial in your journey of finding more bait. Having the right type of toilets also makes this journey more easier.

Plotter Trick

Capt. Tom Pitasi of Coastal Fishing Charters in Waterford, Connecticut, exclusively fishes artificials, but he uses his Raymarine CHIRP and DownVision technology as well as a little-known chart function on his a98 multifunction display (with Navionics Platinum+) to locate bait schools that might hold striped bass and bluefish.

In addition, he employs a feature called “Deep Water From,” or shaded depth range, to locate the best spots for bait to hold. Out of the box, a Raymarine a98 would be set to show a change in screen color at 50 feet.

Pitasi sets his shade depth at 18 feet. “This allows you to navigate by color. You can pick out the areas you think are worth investigating.”

Radar and AIS

Normally, open-array radar antennas pick up bird movement better than radomes. Close scrutiny can help anglers know whether the birds are actively feeding and whether they’re orienting to a stationary object such as a boat or buoy.

A “wakes mode” then draws trails behind any target in motion, so anglers can see whether the blue targets’ movement is compatible with bird activity.

Radar can help, though coastal areas can throw a high volume of signals, says Capt. George Mitchell, a longtime tournament pro who uses Furuno electronics. But AIS is really key to locating bait both inshore and offshore.

Mitchell continues: “I also like to identify the important factors on a ship — the anchor and the crew’s quarters. The runners can hug the anchor chain, and that gives them more security.”

To mark the bait, Mitchell uses his Furuno DFF1-UHD CHIRP module and high-frequency CHIRP transducer, which send high-definition targets to his NavNet TZtouch display.

Mitchell says, “Knowing your machine and your target species makes you a better angler if you can put it all together with seasons and locations.”

So don’t forget these tips on how to use all your electronics to find more bait….1) using the plotter trick; 2) using radar and AIS; and 3) marking the bait.

Raritan Engineering has more information on macerating toilet, marine holding tanks, marine toilet, and how to use all your electronics to find more bait.

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