Macerator Pump by Raritan Excels While the Competition Fails

Macerator Pump by Raritan Engineering

Raritan’s Macerator pump is designed to solve problems and failures associated with other macerator pumps. Most macerator pumps on market can only run dry for very short period of time. Raritan’s proprietary formulation of nitrile combined with thermoset housing allows the Raritan Macerator pump to run dry 30% longer than other pumps on the market today.

During our development of our Macerator pump, Raritan discovered another common failure among other macerator pumps on the market is shaft seal failure. The Raritan Macerator pump uses a Viton spring loaded shaft seal to extend life of seal. Viton material can withstand the various chemicals used in holding tank treatment and being spring loaded, prevents leaks during low pressure idle (non-pumping) time.

Many of our competitor’s pumps have been known to fail due to corrosion of pump mounting bolts. For that reason Raritan’s Macerating pump includes all stainless steel hardware to prevent corrosion due to sewage and chemicals.

One major problem with maintaining a typical macerator pump is the spillage of sewage when the inlet and the outlet are disconnected. Raritan’s Macerator pump is available with an optional waste water shutoff valve to isolate the inlet side sewage line and a standard quick disconnect fitting on the discharge line of the pump. Our waste water valve is compact, fits in a small space and operates with only a 1/4 turn rotation of the gate slider.

The pump motor used in Raritan’s macerator pump is protected internally with a thermal PTC cutout. In the case of overheating or overloading the motor will shut down and protect itself from failure. An optional Smart Macerator Control (SMC) is available to monitor our pump. Raritan’s Smart Macerator Control (SMC) monitors the motor and pump to prevent dry run and overload. Our SMC control will shut down the pump if the pump does not prime within 7 seconds or if the pumps runs dry for 5 seconds or if pump draws more than 20 amps. The SMC will jog the macerator pump for few milliseconds every seven days during idle time to prevent binding of impeller.

 Raritan Macerator Pump Customer Service

Raritan products also come with legendary Raritan customer service support. Customers can call Raritan’s customer service for entire life of product and speak to technical support personal free of charge. The average wait time for speaking to “live person” is less than one minute.

All parts for Raritan products are stocked in the U.S. and available for same day shipping. Most orders for Raritan macerator pumps are shipped within 24 hours, after receipt of order.

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