Macerator Pump Professionals Discuss How Boating Makes You Feel Great

A four-day workweek won’t guarantee you more days like this.

Your Macerator Pump Specialists Give Good Reasons to Boat More Often

Raritan Engineering your macerator pump distributors would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how boating makes you feel great.

Your macerator pump suppliers talk about how boat trips are just plain good for the soul. The sense of peace and tranquility that can be restored to you while gently rocking on the waves is undeniable. Although, if you need more reasons to take a boat trip, or are trying to convince someone else why a boat trip is well worth the time, look no further.

Boat trips create bonding experiences with family and friends. The lasting memories you can make while on a boat trip are priceless. A day in the sun allows our bodies to soak up a safe amount of Vitamin D. With the use of sunscreen, Vitamin D is an important vitamin that one needs in order to survive.

Learning new boating skills can be an empowering and educational experience. When you go on a boat trip, you will always have the opportunity to learn something new.  

Boat trips allow you to unplug. In this digital age, we are always either sending a text message or checking our email inbox. Stress, insomnia, and depression have been connected to our inability to power down. 

When you go on a boat ride, you have the opportunity to broaden your range of experiences by trying different types of water sports like fishing or water skiing.

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Boat trips keep you balanced. How many times have you become so consumed with work or school commitments that you neglected to set aside a day for some fun family boating? Going on a boat ride will help you keep your life in balance between work and play.  

So, this is not a reason to get your wife’s permission to spend yet another weekend fishing with the guys or the perfect excuse to tell your boss you have the flu while you go snorkeling..err, well maybe those ideas are not too bad, considering the health benefits that are associated with boating! 

Vitamin D & Fresh Air – Sunshine provides Vitamin D that promotes healthy bones and is medically proven to improve mood. However, so many of us spend the bulk of our days in the office, in the commute and in the rat race, that fresh air and the healthful aspects of sunshine truly become a rare commodity. 

Quality Time with Family/Friends – One of the biggest factors contributing to your happiness in life and your overall well being relates to your social life. In fact, medical studies link strong social ties to longevity, healthier eating habits, less stress and much more. 

Staying Active – It’s no secret that staying active is a serious contributor to good health. Unlike watching TV or playing video games, taking up boating as a hobby can help you lead an active and healthy lifestyle. 

Feeding your passion – Having a passion contributes to your overall happiness which correlates to good health. Boating is that passion for many. Spending time out on the ocean fishing, snorkeling and watching sunsets quickly becomes a passion.

So don’t forget these great reasons about why boating is so good for you. 1) It is a great source of vitamin D and fresh air;  2) you get to spend quality time with family and friends;  and 3) it helps you to stay active.

Ghost Ship Was Found Sailing Unmanned in the Ocean for at Least 38 Years

What comes to your mind when you read the term “ghost ship?” It generally refers to a ghostly vision or a phantom of a ship that was believed to have sunk a long time ago.

Although the term “ghost ship” seems like something paranormal it is a nautical term for a ship that is floating adrift without any crew members. There are numerous reasons why a crew would choose to abandon a floating vessel and it usually doesn’t involve anything supernatural.

According to The Sun, a ship called SS Baychimo was seen in the oceans for at least 38 years. That’s a long time but apparently, it was built in 1914. It became part of the British Hudson Bay Company in 1921.

The year after it was built, the source cited that the Baychimo got “lost” and was “set off on a solo voyage.” It was built in Sweden and it was originally named the Ångermanelfven.

It sailed as far as the coast of Canada, where it carried furs, tobacco, sugar, tea, and weapons. In the late months of 1931, the ship was trapped “in the ice off the coast of Alaska.” The crew was rescued by airplanes.

These men built temporary shelters located half a mile away from the beach and settled there throughout the winter season.

The remaining crew was stuck in their temporary shelters for three whole days. When they got out to view the boat, it was already gone.

The report noted:

“Everyone assumed the SS Baychimo had sunk, but a few days later an Inuit seal hunter spotted her floating about 45 miles away.”

Apparently, the ship was sighted in oceans after that incident. It was last seen in 1969, when it allegedly got stuck in ice, off the Alaskan coast – which was its original location in the 1930’s.

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