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Your Marine Ice Makers Suppliers Share Great Ways to Get Your New Crew Into Gear

Raritan Engineering your marine ice makers distributors would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how to train new crew members and how to keep them happy.

Your marine ice makers experts talk about how crew integration is one of the toughest challenges, especially in classes that allow a mix of amateurs and pros. The goal is to create a team dynamic that allows the team to develop with the right amount of pushing. It’s equally important to remember that while every amateur wants to win, keeping it fun, and racing at a high level is not easy. 

1. Commitment to the process of teaching and learning.
It is unrealistic to expect a team member with a regular job to get on a boat and do everything exactly right the first time. As we rotate team members in and out we first help the person identify the three priorities of their job for each maneuver, focusing on keeping it simple. 

2. Communication.

Follows the same theme above, but in the heat of the moment there won’t be time to communicate what’s required, so being proactive with the coms about “what’s next” and making sure that everybody is dialed in allows for smooth execution. Remember sailing is a learned sport and everybody does things slightly different. 

3. Practice and managing expectations.
Is it reasonable to expect to win if you don’t practice? No. Plain and simple. If the expectation is to win, then practice will be required. When putting together a mixed team of amateurs and pros, don’t have a lot of rotation in the intense boat handling positions. Onboard Barking Mad we sailed with the same pit girl for 10 years.  

Loyalty among the crew is prized above all say many boat owners, but loyalty among crew doesn’t come without a little effort on the part of the boat owner. 

Organizing custom gear that looks sharp and clearly identifies a crew to a boat is a great way to build crew pride. 

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To go along with Woodruff’s advice, here are our top 5 simple ways to keep your crew happy on and off the water:

  1. Keep them fed and watered: Of all the expenses an owner can incur with boat ownership, skimping on lunch is not the place to save a dime. Bring enough food to the boat to keep them (and yourself) going all day, including quick snacks like cookies, nuts, or chips. But you don’t have to spend $150 per regatta on gourmet sandwiches either—talk to your crew to find out what they like. 

  2. Order team gear: Nothing says team like a uniform. It’s important to have crew that gets along together and is enthusiastic about going sailing. Custom crew gear that looks sharp and clearly identifies a crew to a boat is a great way to build pride. And a proud crew is a crew that will prioritize going sailing with you. 

  3. Don’t micromanage: We all make mistakes, but nobody likes to feel like they’re under a microscope all the time. One of the most common complaints made among the crew about their boat owner and helmsman is, “He’s a great driver, if only he’d focus on that.” If your crew is new and needs some extra training, schedule a practice session. 

  4. Draw from your crew’s talents: Corinthian sailing crews come from all walks of life and bring all kinds of experience to your boat. Talk to your crew and find out what they’re good at. Do you have a graphic designer in your midst? Ask them to design a new team t-shirt. 

  5. Organize onshore events: The onshore social element is a huge part of why many sailors join Corinthian crews. Taking your crew out for a team dinner at the end of Rolex Big Boat or any other big regatta is a great way to say thanks. 

Hey crews: This isn’t a one-way street. There are a lot things you can do to let your boat owner know you appreciate the opportunity to go sailing and show them you’re an invaluable member of the team. 

At the end of the day, racing together is a huge commitment for the owner, crew, and their family and friends. Making everyone feel like a valued member of the team goes a long way to creating a successful program.

So don’t forget these reminders for training your new crew members and keeping them happy. 1) Keep them fed and watered;  2) commitment to the process of teaching and learning is needed;  and 3) good communication.

Man’s Inability To Reverse With Trailer Providing Great Entertainment To Everybody At Boat Ramp

“Left hand down, mate,” he yelled from the jetty.

“Yeah keep going. Nah go back up and straighten out, mate. Yeah, woo! Now come down slower.”

Nat Wilmott is trying to keep the peace down at the Betoota Sailing Club boat ramp – but he’s having a little bit of trouble.

The line this morning was nearing ten trailers and a sunburnt Betoota Grove financier was trying and failing spectacularly to launch his boat into Lake Yamma Yamma.

In the dry desert heat, people were getting frustrated.

But not everyone.

Those not in the line, the jetty fisherman and the like, we’re all laughing at the expense of Peter Mantits, a somewhat likable private fund manager at Macquarie Private Wealth in the French Quarter.

“Mate, you’re fucking useless!” screamed one bloke from beside the boat ramp.

“Do you want me to do it, mate? I’ve never driven a Merc before, but. Is the big silver cunt an auto or what?”

But that was when Nat, the owner-operator of the Betoota Sailing Club Tackle Shop, stepped in to help.

Peter had fallen into the trap of boat ownership without first thinking to master the art of reversing down a boat ramp – something he regrets now.

“It looks easy enough, to reverse a trailer, but it’s not,” said Peter.

“Then this nice old man, Nathan I think his name was, coached me through it and I ultimately got the thing in the water,”

“The whole episode certainly entertained these South Betoota mouthbreathers. Leering at me from the edge of the boat ramp.”

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