Marine Ice Makers Professionals Share Thoughts on Becoming a Boat Mechanic & How Good Maintenance Prevents Bigger Problems

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Your Raritan Marine Ice Makers Specialists Talk About the Importance of Starting Your Boating Education Early

Raritan Engineering your marine ice makers distributors would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how to become a boat mechanic.

Explore the career requirements for boat mechanics. Get the facts about training options, job duties, employment growth and salary to determine if this is the right career for you. 

What Is a Boat Mechanic?

Boat mechanics maintain and repair motors, engines, propellers, pumps and other parts. General tasks may include lubricating parts, making mechanical adjustments and replacing worn or damaged parts. In this career, you will need to be able to diagnose small motor problems and explain them to customers. You may also be required to make inspections and keep records of the results along with any services performed. \

A boat mechanic is a technician who maintains and repairs inboard and outboard boat engines. Their duties include disassembling and inspecting motors, replacing defective parts and adjusting timing or fuel-air mix. Other duties may include testing and evaluating motor performance at a range of speeds. They also inspect, adjust or replace propellers, power-tilts and bilge pumps and keep records on inspections and repairs. 

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Step 1: Prepare in High School

You may begin preparing for a boat mechanic career by taking shop courses if your high school has them. Shop courses provide direct experience with small hand tools and problem solving. 

Step 2: Complete an Apprenticeship

Learning on-the-job through an apprenticeship program is one way to obtain the training you need. Boat manufacturers and labor unions may offer some apprenticeships, while others are affiliated with local community colleges or technical schools. Inboard and outboard engines, electrical systems, hydraulic systems, parts fabrication and performance tuning are among the subjects you may encounter. 

Step 3: Attend College

While an apprenticeship may prepare you for your career, many employers prefer to hire mechanics with formal training or college educations. You may obtain this experience in a certificate or associate’s degree program in small engine technology. Some schools emphasize marine technology in their programs. 

Step 4: Obtain Employment

You can apply for positions in repair shops, docks and marinas or start your own business. However, if you choose to be self-employed you will have to promote and administer your business. You’ll also need to pay for costly diagnostic equipment. 

Step 5: Consider a Second Revenue Stream

Unless you live and work in an area of the country that is temperate year-round, consider developing a second income during cold weather months when boat owners put their boats into dry dock. 

5-Boat Fire in Everett Saturday Blamed on Mechanical Problem

A mechanical problem is to blame for a fire that damaged five boats, sinking several in Everett on Saturday, officials say.

A boat carrying five people came in to moor at the Port of Everett that evening when a loud boom was heard. Flames spread quickly, and everyone on the boat jumped into the water.

One person was treated by paramedics for minor injuries.

The flames caught the mast of a nearby sailboat, and continued to spread. The dark smoke could be seen for miles.

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