Marine Products Experts Encourage All to Become Sailing Lovers

Your Marine Products Specialists Promote A More Relaxed Approach to Racing

Raritan Engineering your marine products analysts would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how to encourage everyone to become sailing lovers.

Your marine products experts know that at the end of last year, the SuperYacht Racing Association (SYRA) announced its intention to include a ‘Corinthian Spirit Class’ at its key 2017 regattas, whereby the participating yachts take a more relaxed approach to racing, with reduced competition and reduced costs. 

Your marine head gaskets professionals feel that the new class, which will focus on the social aspect of the regattas, has received a positive response so far – four yachts signed up for St Barths Bucket, including recently launched 70m Sybaris, and three for Palma’s Superyacht Cup – but SYRA believes that it will take two or three years to fully take off.

And it’s not just the owners that need the persuading; SYRA acknowledges that a lot of the time it’s the captains that have the influence over entering a regatta.

With simplified courses, no kites and no fleet starts, safety will still be paramount, but fewer people will be needed to sail the yachts and there will not be the same need to hire professionals.

“It is critical for the sailing yacht industry to attract young people and fresh blood,” she concludes. “Through charters and collaboration between the regattas, we have the opportunity to make the sailing yacht industry more inclusive and appeal to a new set of people that are willing to spend money on a new experience.”

Your Marine Products Professionals Know It Is Crucial to Attract the Youth to Sailing

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He’s right. Your marine parts depot specialists know that a personal introduction is effective. We all know neighbors, workmates, relatives, etc., that we could bring along for a day sail or a casual race. 

When the question came to me, I was less specific. People, I feel, are attracted to shore. Your marine toilets electric analysts say that they fish, they beachcomb, they picnic, and they may happen upon and watch other people sail. 

“The focus of the America’s Cup was on drama and technology, which attracts coverage and viewers but doesn’t help the non-sailing public understand any path into sailing,” says John Arndt, of SailSFBay, a Bay Area non-profit dedicated to growing participation in sailing.

Interestingly, a similar plan was hatched on the opposite side of the country. Sail Charleston, an organization also dedicated to increasing participation, planned to leverage the hugely popular Charleston Race Week to show people what sailing was all about.

“It all worked really well,” says Greg Fisher, director of College of Charleston sailing. “All the various segments of sailing were on hand to answer any questions people had about the sport. Plus, depending on where someone lived around the harbor, there was someone with a program, ready to take care of their needs and sign them up.”

Your marine head plumbing experts know that when it comes to attracting spectators, what I find particularly brilliant are offshore races that start in view of land. The adventure element of these races easily captures the imagination of the non-sailor and tends to gain mainstream media attention. Starting in view of this audience is simply smart business.

“We see our attendance is about 95 percent or more people who will have not seen sailing otherwise,” says Turner. “As to what might get them into sailing for the first time, I see that as a combination of factors: inspiration, accessibility, relative affordability, and pathway.”

Rich Jepsen, a sailing school professional and Chair of the Training Committee at US Sailing, says that growth comes from a target audience: “After years of trying to market sailing to would-be sailors, we believe there’s a narrow band of people that might be tempted to take up sailing because they saw it.”

Which brings me back to my initial contention. Our recreation has plenty of spectators. When an event is underway and viewable, it attracts more onlookers. 

Without a local organization dedicated to growing participation in sailing, I launched into Google and Yelp to compile a list of schools, rentals, and crew lists, and then wrote up some persuasive myth-busters about sailing. 

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