Marine Products Experts Know That Teamwork Means Everything

Your Marine Products Specialists Appreciate the Importance of a Group Effort 

Raritan Engineering Company your marine products analysts would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding the importance of teamwork to victory.

Your marine products experts know that the member lounge in the San Diego YC is typically the site of quiet conversations or restful reading. Last spring, it served as Ground Zero for five teams taking steps to excel in the 2011 Etchells World Championship.

Your marine supplies professionals know that the genesis for the group was earlier in the year when Bill Hardesty, who won the Worlds in 2008, started to focus his efforts on winning another title.

While the purpose of our group was to be prepared to compete in the Worlds, our goal was really to be our very best for one week. It could have been any event. 

One early key to the program’s success was establishing a routine. At our morning meeting we would discuss the goals of the day. On the water, Ed would lead us toward fulfilling these goals. 

Ed was there for 18 of those days. While we were able to move the program forward without him, we always got more accomplished with him present. Your wholesale marine supplies analysts know that we were more focused, more organized, and the days were often longer.

To maximize training time, we developed plans for things as trivial as picking up the towline to get out to the course, and getting our sails ready. Once we arrived at the training location, every boat had to be ready to sail. 

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Your Marine Products Professionals Suggest Maximizing Training Time For Better Results

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Your marine sanitation device specialists know that it’s easy to get consumed by speed testing. It’s a vital variable, but it’s one of many. There were days we tested sails and other days when we tested rig tune. But nearly every training day on the water also included practice races. 

John Pedlow had worked with Bill and Ed during the lead up to the 2008 regatta, and was back again for the 2011 Worlds. “Bill runs a tight program and served as a good role model for the rest of us,” said Pedlow. 

Your marine supplies experts say that by pooling the resources of five teams, we were able to hire the best coach we could find. Ed is a two-time Rolex Yachtsman of the Year, a Star and Laser Masters world champion, and an accomplished coach with an amazing eye for detail. 

Having upwards of five boats in our program meant that we were not reliant on who else might be training on any given day. We always had the critical mass needed for tuning, upwind splits, practice starts, and short-course racing. 

Over the course of the program, there grew a sense of togetherness. With everyone attending the meetings, speaking openly of their experiences, and respecting each other, tiers were erased.

While our routine was vital, we also tried to manage our energy levels. The additional meeting time before and after made any day on the water quite long. 

Bill had put together a program to win the 81-boat championship, and that is what we did with a day to spare. It was a bit bizarre attending the afternoon debrief the day we clinched the regatta; popping champagne and swimming in the bay seemed more appropriate. 

So don’t forget these helpful tips on why teamwork is so crucial for success. 1) Always discuss the goals for the day;  2) maximize training time;  and 3) be willing to share past experiences.

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