Marine Products for Sale Professionals Suggest a Large Center Console for Your Boat

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Your Marine Products For Sale Analysts Love Supersized Boat Consoles 

Raritan Engineering Company your marine products for sale experts would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding a large center console for your next boat.

Your marine products for sale specialists know that like fast food chains and theater snack bars, today’s builders of center console boats have found that if you give customers the option to supersize, they’ll take it.

Twenty years ago, few could conceive of a 40-foot center console. Yet today, more than a dozen companies offer models of 40 feet or more, most equipped with quadruple outboard engines of at least 350 hp each.

To maximize the comfort factor, many big center consoles feature social centers in the forward cockpit. Supersize center consoles are also so beamy that many include an element you’d expect to find only in a cabin boat — namely, a roomy cabin.

Everglades 435cc

The offshore-fishing crowd will love this boat’s 200-square-foot cockpit — especially the transom, with its twin 60-gallon livewells and 45-gallon built-in bait freezer. There are five rod holders on the transom, plus two kingfish rod holders forward. Coaming bolsters and powder-coated toe rails keep anglers comfortable and entrenched while dueling large pelagics.

The extended center console hides a usable cabin underneath, complete with a galley with faux granite countertops, a fridge and microwave and freshwater sink. A queen-size berth converts to a settee or dinette. 

HydraSports Custom 5300 Sueños

The biggest center console currently available is the Hydra-Sports Custom 5300 Sueños, though we recently saw a report of a preproduction 57-foot center console from MTI appearing at the Dubai International Boat Show.

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Your marine products for sale professionals feel that this mega center console represents the culmination of a dream (Sueños means just that in Spanish) for HydraSports Custom owners Elias and Dennis De La Torre.

Powered by four F350 outboards, the 5300 Sueños achieved a top speed of 50.1 mph at 5,800 rpm — not bad for the largest available center console in the world, at least for now.

Regulator 41

The Regulator 41 center console we tested featured four F350 outboards and achieved a top speed of 63.4 mph while riding on a conventional deep-V hull with 24 degrees of deadrise at the transom.

The helm on our test boat featured a trio of multifunction displays. Forward vision is outstanding, thanks in part to the 9½ inches of extra elevation on the bridge deck.

The three-across helm seating has wraparound armrests and flip-up bolsters and individual fold-down footrests on the seat base. 

Within the transom bulkhead is an 84-gallon fish box. A pair of 40-gallon livewells flank the transom fish box.

Families will love the 5-foot-wide seat with an angled backrest in front of the console. There are armrests on each side and a fold-down armrest with built-in cup holders in the middle. At the foot is a 240-quart locker. Under the bow deck is a 156-gallon fish box.

Scout 420 LXF

The 420 LXF boasts quad outboards up to 350 hp each. A dual-stepped hull helps boost speed and efficiency. Powered by the four  350 outboards, the big Scout reached a top speed of 56.8 mph at 6,350 rpm.

The bridge deck features three-across seats with flip-up bolsters and armrests with an angled footrest below the helm. A three-piece tempered-glass windshield protects the helm deck.

An aft cockpit measuring 9 feet 4 inches wide lends itself to both fishing and socializing. For anglers, there’s an 80-gallon transom livewell and a pair of 108-gallon fish boxes.

An outdoor galley with an Isotherm drawer-style fridge/freezer/ice maker, Kenyon electric grill and cavernous top-opening cooler keeps the crew happy.

Cruisers will love the step-down console cabin, accessible from a companionway on the port side and featuring 6½ feet of headroom. Lower the beautifully crafted wood dining table to convert the area to a berth.

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