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Are You Ready to Buy Your New Wakesurf Boat?

Raritan Engineering Company your marine sanitation suppliers would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding future alternative boat fuels powering your success.

Your marine sanitation experts talk about how wakesurfing has all but taken over the watersports scene. Easier falls, a mellower learning curve and a laid-back lifestyle all contribute to the sport’s ever-increasing popularity and the reputation it enjoys as one of the fastest-growing watersports on the planet. Whether you’re 15 or 50, you can wakesurf. 

As V-drive inboards have gotten bigger and more advanced, wakesurf waves have grown exponentially (while at the same time becoming easier to create). For years, inboards have naturally created ocean-like swells, and they could always be safely surfed due to their inboard-motor configuration that tucked the propeller safely under the boat. 

Hull design has also evolved to make deeper boats with a higher freeboard and gunwales that allow for more ballast to create bigger and bigger waves. Boats have intentionally gone from lighter to heavier in an effort to move more lake from underneath your boat to behind your boat in the form of a wall of water. A deeper boat means a heavier, bigger boat, and that means you can safely use more ballast. 

With all this wake-making potential, you need something to control the shape of the wave when it’s formed on the hull bottom.

Check Out All Your Options Before Buying

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The old way of creating a wave was by heaving all your ballast to one side of the boat and living your life on the water in this crazy tilted world that gave you a big chiropractor bill by the end of the day. Most high-end inboards now have systems with wakeshaping plates that swing out or slide down from either side of the boat’s transom to crab the boat’s running attitude slightly and generate a massive wave without having to stick all your weight on one side. 

Modern wakesurf boats will also have some sort of plate just behind the rudder that is actuated from the dash and changes the pitch of the boat while underway, typically dragging to make the stern dig in and the bow ride a little higher. 

Finally, a note about size. If you’ve never owned a boat before, you might not think there’s much difference between a 21-footer and a 25-footer, but we’re here to tell you there’s a world of difference in that four-foot span. You have a lot to consider when buying a wakesurf boat, and size just might be the most important point. The first thing you should look into is whether the waterway you plan to surf on has size restrictions for boats. If it does, you may be in a 21-foot boat no matter what. Your next consideration is storage. 

Don’t forget these great tips when buying your next wakesurf boat. 1) Most finance companies will require a good credit score, a credit history of at least five years and a large previous purchase via credit of at least $25,000;  2) buy your boat during peak boat season;  and 3) know which type of boat you want and need.

An 8 And 5-YO Are Sailing A Toy Ship Around The Globe, Tracking Its Journey Online

Children usually stick to sailing paper boats in ponds or bathtubs but two Scottish brothers are sailing one around the world. Don’t believe us? Read on.

Ollie Ferguson (8) and his brother Harry (5) set their Playmobil pirate ship sailing last year into the North Sea as part of a bucket list of adventures that they want to enjoy. 

The boys added a counterweight to the ship to help it stay afloat. Its hull was filled with polystyrene to improve its buoyancy. Despite all these additions and modifications, no one expected the boat to survive this long.

The boys call their boat “Adventure” (of course) and the pirate ship has sailed hundreds of kilometres all the way from Scotland to Denmark.

Late last year, the Playmobil was launched off the coast of Mauritania, in the Atlantic Ocean, and it has been sailing ever since. It was also taken aboard the Christian Radich, a Norwegian full-rigged ship, and was then launched into a larger body of water to ensure it kept sailing. 

toy boat

The brothers’ parents partnered with a leading GPS tracking company after the boys wished to track the ship’s journey online. The Playmobil was then fitted with a state-of-the-art transmitter. 

Last week, however, the family announced that the toy ship’s journey may have ended since it had not transmitted its location as it did twice a day. It had also missed several pings. 

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