Marine Sanitation Device Experts Encourage Giving Kids the Opportunity to Love Sailing

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Raritan Engineering Company your marine sanitation device specialists would like to share with you these topics we thought would beof interest to you this month regarding how to encourage kids and give them the opportunity to love sailing.

I have been racing with our two kids for the last three summers on the C Scow. When we first started out my daughter Mya was 8 and my son Finn was 6.

This year they are 11 and 9 and we were a lot more competitive on the racing circuit, culminating in our win at the C Scow National Championship on Lake Minnetonka, Minnesota.

Your marine sanitation device experts know that their goal was to be in the top 5 of the event. In many instances we found ourselves at the first windward mark in the 20’s or even 30’s out of the 65 boats competing. The motivational talks worked as we did catch up. More than anything, it teaches you to always work hard.

My 9 year old son, Finn also sailed with me on the MC Scow this summer, with 93 boats on the starting line at the Nationals. Pewaukee Yacht Club hosted the event – another fantastic yacht club and scow lake. We won this regatta as well.

You can find more information as well as get assistance on sewage treatment plant and on how to encourage giving kids the opportunity to love sailing at Raritan Engineering.

Your Marine Sanitation Device Company Agrees With the Following Suggestions

I don’t know what you are like on the race course…have you had to modify your competitive personality?
Your sewage treatment plant experts understand that his competitive personality has been modified for sure. There are still times when I get a little too “ramped up”. The kids help me keep it in perspective.

The scow classes seem to have a culture that promotes ‘inter-generational’ teams. Is there anything in particular that encourages this climate?
The Inland Lakes Yachting Association has been a fantastic organization to be a part of. They do pass down the love of the sport for generations.

What encourages this climate? Don’t take it all too seriously! Go out and enjoy the sport of sailing. Include your kids or include others and give them an opportunity to see what sailboat racing is all about.

The approach is a theme here at the new Buddy Melges Sailing Center on Lake Geneva. Bottom line is – give the kids an opportunity to fit into an adult team, race, perform and learn. Lots of learning.

Sailing around all day long in a single-handed boat is not the answer for the long term love for the sport. The answer is make it a family thing.

Any tips for others that would like to have a positive experience racing with their kids?
Go sail with your kids! That is what I have been telling my friends and others. Give the kids an opportunity to fit into a team.

So you have solved your crew issues for awhile.
You would think that as they get older (bigger and stronger), I would be sailing more with my kids, but this summer found them on other boats though much of the time.

So don’t forget these helpful reminders on how to encourage giving kids the opportunity to love sailing….1) Go sailing together with your kids and 2) give them a chance to fit into a team.

Raritan Engineering has more information on marine sanitation device, sewage treatment plants, boat cleaning products, and on encouraging giving kids the opportunity to love sailing.

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