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Your Marine Toilet Specialists Share How to Successfully Make Cell Phone Calls While Out on the Water

Raritan Engineering your marine toilet distributors would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding how to maximize WiFi and cellular reach while boating.

How can I send and receive emails or texts when I am on the boat and away from the dock? Your marine toilet suppliers talk about how one way is to maximize your Wi-Fi and cellular reach by linking your mobile device with specialized range extenders from companies such as Digital Antenna, Aigean Networks, Shakespeare, Wave WiFi and WeBoost.

You can also use satellite messengers such as the ACR 406 Link, which lets you use your ACR EPIRB or PLB to send short pre-written messages (e.g., “I’m here, I’m OK”) along with your position to family or friends.

The SPOT Gen3 can deliver emails and position reports via the internet and SMS to a computer or cellphone. You can also save a track of your trip for future reference.

Each satellite device above requires an annual subscription and has an emergency SOS Mayday function.

How to Email and Text While at Sea

Want ways to send and receive emails and texts while at sea? Here are products that can help.

WebWatch WC-1 by Shakespeare is a mini antenna dome (12 by 12 inches) that combines Wi-Fi and cellular signal amplifiers in one housing with cell speeds up to 4G standards. It is smart enough to automatically switch from cellular to a Wi-Fi connection when within Wi-Fi range to save on airtime costs.

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Tip: Be wary of Wi-Fi-product range claims because performance can vary widely. Also, you may not always experience optimum speeds at all times. On a busy boating day, high Wi-Fi activity can slow connection speed.

Safety First

The most important feature of a satellite communicator is the ability to send an emergency Mayday message to summon first responders to your location. Be advised that VHF radio coverage extends out only to slightly beyond the line of sight. 

Double Duty

As most of these satellite communications devices are pocket-size and portable, they are great to take along with you when you venture beyond cellphone coverage on land. 

Worldwide Service Extras

SkyMate M2500 consists of a fixed-mount transceiver module, external antenna, and keypad control that bundles global email, SMS, navigation, position reporting and weather forecasting with satellite imagery. 

Add Voice

The Iridium Go! is a palm-size portable hotspot that lets you make a wireless connection to your smartphone, computer or tablet. In addition to email, data and text messaging, you can update weather reports, post to Facebook and Twitter, and even share photos with friends. 

Don’t forget these great tips on how to boost and maximize your cell signal while boating. 1) Linking your mobile device with specialized range extenders;  2) you can also use satellite messengers;  and 3) spending a little more money on these products will be worth it in the long run.

Want to sail with your dog? Three sailors on how to train a boat dog

Many people can’t imagine heading out on a bluewater sailing adventure without their best friend: a boat dog. But training a dog to use the bathroom on a sailboat, and dealing with customs and immigration in various countries can be a drag.

I’ve wondered how people do it, so reached out to three awesome women sailors who’ve been loving living aboard with their canine friends. I loved learning about how people get on with their boat dog while sailing full-time.

What heart warming stories and lovely boat dogs!

Potty training your boat dog

So how on earth do you train a dog to go to the bathroom on a sailboat that’s always moving and rolling with the waves?

Kym Helwig and her husband are living aboard their sailboat in Vero Beach, Florida, and said it wasn’t all that hard to train her Sheltie, Solly. “Training him went smoothly. He’s naturally smart, and the second time I asked him to use the astroturf in the cockpit he did! Now, we have his astroturf on the cabin top and I scoop his poop regularly and throw it in the garbage.”

“Did we need turf, a carpet, pheromones? For Kala, she hated all of those things.  It was just a test of patience,” said Molly. “We were assured by vets that a dog wouldn’t hurt themselves (bladder infections, etc…) by holding it so when we were anchored in a creek overnight, we encouraged her to go with treats. 

Passing quarantine with a dog on your sailboat

Kristiann said before they started cruising they’d already lived in several countries with their dog, so they were prepared with the proper vaccinations and paperwork.

“The most valuable test you can get is a rabies titer test that checks for rabies antibodies. I keep Friday’s vaccinations up to date and research the protocol in each new country before we enter. 

“There is one country, for example, whose law is ‘any animal brought into Tonga will be destroyed’ so you must know the rules and understand the requirements and limitations,” Molly said. ” We cannot circumnavigate while we have Kala because of the restrictions in the South Pacific (technically we could by putting her in quarantine or flying her to Australia but we are not interested in doing that). 

How to keep your dog healthy and safe on deck

Kym said when her dog was small, she was afraid he’d lose his footing and fall overboard.

“We have a life jacket for him that he wore during stormy, windy or rocky conditions, just to make sure he’d be okay if he did accidentally go in the drink,” she said. “But now on our mooring ball he spends most of his time topside and is super agile. 

What about getting a dog enough exercise when doing a passage, where there’s nowhere to run or swim?

“That’s a limitation, for sure. If conditions are very calm, Friday has the run of the boat and decks,” said Kristiann. “If it’s rough, he’s clipped in or inside the salon. What we’ve found is that everyone is exhausted by being constantly underway, including our dog. 

Kymberly said her main challenge is getting the dog to the vet, but otherwise, living with Solly aboard has been a great joy.

“Solly is just wonderful to have aboard. He loves to play, and we love to play with him,” she said. “He brings some recreation and humor to our lives. I’ve taught him not to bark, a tall order for a Sheltie, but he is usually quiet.  He has alerted me a few times to something he thought was unsafe and I praised him.”

All in all, it seems like a great adventure having a boat dog, where you can share a life of freedom and adventure with your very best friend.

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