Marine Toilet Professional Helps You Not to Panic If You Run Aground


Marine Toilet Expert Has the Answer to Minimize Running Aground

Raritan Engineering Company your marine toilet specialists would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding why it is so important not to panic if you run aground. 

Running Aground

Your marine toilet expert knows that despite all efforts to stay off shoals, beaches, or rocks, groundings do happen. It is said that there are only three kinds of skippers, those who have run aground, those who will run aground, and those that have but won’t admit it.

Immediate Actions

First, Raritan marine toilet experts say that here is what you should not do when you run aground. Unless you are absolutely sure that it is a small shoal with deeper water ahead, do not apply power and try to push your way across, you will only put yourself harder aground.

Your boat toilets expert knows that instead, take time to assess the situation. Is any water coming into the hull? Where exactly are you? How did you get there? Where might deeper water lie? What is the state of the tide?

You can find more information as well as get assistance on boat toilets and on how not to panic if you run aground at Raritan Engineering.

Marine Toilet Professional Continues Discussion on Building Your Situation Assessment Skills

Possibly the best marine toilet expert says, let’s assume that you are lucky and that the tide is rising and that the increased depths will be enough to float you free. Although you might get off sooner if another vessel pulled, letting the tide float you off is less stressful on your hull and your crew.

If you are less lucky, and the tide is falling, quickly assess the situation and the possibility of refloating the boat before the tide goes down further. If this is not possible, determine how far it will go down.

Getting Off

If you are only lightly stranded, you may be able to get off without assistance. First, determine where deeper water lies, this may or may not be the direction from which you came.

You might also place some heavy gear in a dinghy. Marine porta potty specialist, says that on a sailboat, you can try reducing draft by taking a halyard out to one side, attaching it to an anchor or another boat, and pulling. Yet another maneuver is to put out an anchor in the direction in which you wish to move.

If a pull is made, keep all persons away from the line and beyond the ends of the line in both directions. Various types of lines stretch to different degrees, but all stretch enough to act as slingshots if they break or if fittings pull out.

Even if the other boat cannot pull to get you off, she may help by running back and forth and making as large a wake as possible. The waves formed in this wake may lift your boat enough to get her off.

I would encourage any boater to join one of the commercial towing organizations. However, you should check with other boaters in your area for recommendations as to which one to join.

So don’t forget these helpful pointers to avoid panicking if you run aground. 1) Do not apply power and try to push your way across;  2) assess your situation and find out exactly where you are;  and 3) determine where deeper water lies and see where you might have came from.

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