Marine Toilet With Macerator Waste Water Pump

Marine Toilet from Raritan

This macerator pump with wastewater valve model 53101 separates itself from the competition by isolating waste matter from the pump during maintenance. Our newest Waste Valve Assembly allows you to remove the pump without disconnecting the plumbing. Also available is a standard macerator model 53100 that has all the same features less the wastewater valve.
• All stainless steel bolts avoid corrosion
• Spring loaded Viton shaft seal prevents untimely premature leaks
• Raritan exclusive rubber impeller compound permits longer dry running times
• Smart Macerator Control (SMC) for use with either pump enables automatic shut off of the pump if it senses dry running and will briefly start the pump every 7 days to prevent impeller binding.

Raritan products such as a marine toilet are chosen by powerboat, sailboat, houseboat, and RV owners and manufacturers the world over for their dependability, environmental responsibility, simplicity of installation, operation, and maintenance. The product line includes house-hold style toilets, macerating marine toilet, marine sanitation devices and systems, cleaning products, icemakers, water heaters, and rudder angle indicators.

To view our complete line of marine toilets,macerating toilet,boat toilets as well as obtain installation and servicing guides: visit | 1-856-825-4900 |

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