Marine Water Heater Winterization List

Importance of Marine Water Heater Winterization

Boat owners sometimes neglect to make a list of the maintenance they need to do before they put their boats away for the winter. Now is a good time to create your list if you don’t already have one. In this issue we are discussing checking the Anode in your Marine Water Heater.

Inspection of the Anode and proper winterization is required of a Marine Water Heater. Our world-renowned marine water heater,  1700 Series Marine Water Heater is specially designed for the marine environment.

  • Periodic visual inspection is recommended to be sure connections
    are tight, wires are not frayed and the unit is properly grounded.
  • Do not use solvents to clean the Marine Water Heater jacket.
  • Incorporate this inspection into commissioning procedure in spring and winterizing procedure in fall.

Marine Water Heater Anode

A removable Magnesium Anode is integral with the hot water discharge fitting.

  • The Anode should be checked at least once a year by removing it from the Marine Water Heater.
  • If the Anode diameter is less than 3/8″(9.5mm), it should be replaced.
  • If discoloration, unusual smell or taste develop in the water, inspect or replace the Anode.

The Anode is replaceable as a unit and may be ordered from Raritan Engineering your Marine Water Heater Specialist.

Raritan Engineering Company



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