No Bonding Required WIith Tru-Design Ball Valves from Raritan Engineering

Millville, NJ business Raritan Engineering is proud to announce that it has been given an exclusive distributorship by Tru-Design for the new load design ‘thru-hull’ plastic load bearing fitting. These fittings fully comply with ABYC H27 specifications, allowing the use of below the water line thru-hull fittings when fitted with a Tru-Design collar and ball valve. Further details can be seen at

“We are very happy to announce our exclusive distributorship of the Tru-Design thru-hull fittings,” says Kim Shinn from Raritan Engineering. “We fully believe in the quality of this product, which is compliant with all relevant legislation and intend to serve our customers even better than before.”

The Thru-Hull Fittings by Tru-Design are constructed using the most up-to-date high-impact composite materials. This means that they will last as long as the vessel will. As such, vessel owners won’t need to worry about this issue. Each element is created using glass-reinforced composite materials. As such, they are highly durable while remaining lightweight. Furthermore, the materials are resistant to corrosion and electrolysis. This means their lifespan is dramatically increased without compromising performance. It also does not require any external bonding system.

The fittings are fully chemical resistant, meaning they can handle anti-fouling paints, oils and diesel. Furthermore, they are fully UV resistant so that they don’t discolor or lose their integrity when exposed to ultraviolet radiation. Kim Shinn adds, “What sets the Tru-Design Thru-Hulls apart from their bronze counterparts is that they have a high quality surface finish. As such, there are no discoloration issues as you would see with a green film. Plus, they can be painted using any kind of anti-fouling paint without the need to first grind and then clean the flaked paint. Rather, it can be applied straight away on anything within a marine environment of between -4 and 230 degrees F. These include all hull types such as aluminum, wood, steel or GRP.”

As can be seen on, Raritan now stocks the full range of Thru-Hull fittings. They come in sizes ranges from half an inch to two inches. Furthermore, customers can choose tail, recessed or threaded models. Each item is suitable for waste treatment, as shown on, as they comply fully with the necessary ABYC H27 specifications.

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