Raritan Engineering Offers Marine Toilets With Whisper Quiet And Clog-free Flush, Reducing Need For Maintenance

Millville, NJ based Raritan Engineering has announced that their Atlantes Freedom marine toilet, found online at http://www.raritaneng.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/AV_promo.pdf, offers boat owners both comfort and dependability on the water. The product has been created using Vortex-Vac technology, which creates an internal vacuum that requires no external or remote powered pump to flush. The flush is reported as being whisper quiet and clog-free to reduce the need for consistent maintenance.

Raritan is recognized for their slogan, “The most dependable name on the water,” and they supply a catalog of all of these dependable products athttp://www.raritaneng.com/. As with other Raritan products, the Atlantes Freedom offers advantages that similar designs on the market have trouble competing with. Benefits of the Atlantes include a fully programmable control that allows for the conservation of water during use, while still presenting the characteristics of a traditional porcelain bowl in a single solid structure. The toilets are described as being easy to install aboard any commercial or recreational water vessel with the appropriate spatial specifications, above or below the waterline.

The toilets can be purchased with a number of customizable features, such as the option to use Sea Water or Fresh Water mode. This allows boat owners to choose between the use of water from on or off the vessel. Consumers can also choose from the 01, 02, or 03 models, each with defining characteristics, such as four flush functions, handles with timed operation, and momentary handle operations. Flush options include that of Water Saver, Dry Flush, and Normal Flush. The company has explained that these flush options are conducive to a more environmentally friendly time on the water, and they have stated, “Committed to the environment and preserving sea life, Raritan designs products to help maintain an environmental balance and ensure the quality of marine waters.”

Currently, the Raritan Marine Toilets can be purchased through the company website at http://www.raritaneng.com/product/atlantes-freedom/ for prices between $1,289 and $2,129, depending on customization and additional features. The toilets come in white, bone, almond, and black, with both household and elongated bowl availability. Voltage is also another option to select upon purchase.

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