Raritan Engineering’s Marine Toilets Selected Best Choice By Practical Sailor

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Millville, New Jersey based marine products company, Raritan Engineering, has produced a marine toilet that has taken the pleasure boating world by storm. It remains the top choice for the marine industry and has been selected as the Best Choice by Practical Sailor in recent tests. The toilet comes in a wide selection of sizes and shapes as well as control options. Users have the option of a push button switch or an electronic switch. It offers a quiet flush, something that many feel is its best feature.

Melanie Simpson of Los Angeles says, “I love that it’s quiet. It’s an inexpensive toilet to begin with, and the quiet flush feature is simply the best.” Spokesperson for Raritan, Kim Shinn, states, “We’ve also made it eco-friendly. Users can flush their marine toilet with seawater, so they’re saving their onboard water for other uses.”

The full lineup of features can be viewed at http://www.raritaneng.com/. Tyler Jenkins of Miami, FL, is a fan of the toilet. He says, “It’s much more elegant than others that I’ve looked at. This one looks like it would belong in a mansion somewhere, which my wife loves. Plus, it costs less to operate it, which I love.”

Raritan offers a variety of marine products, which can be viewed athttp://www.raritaneng.com/product/marine-elegance/. The company’s pleasure boat products, which include toilets, icemakers, water heaters and waste treatment systems, are used by boaters all over the world. The company strives to provide environmentally friendly products that protect both the boater’s bank account and sea life.

Their new marine toilet is the first in the industry to offer a low water usage feature, as well as a one piece china bowl, and the seawater flush option. The “A” SeaFresh option allows boaters to switch between fresh water or sea water for flushing. It also features a compact installation and an optional lock out feature for when the tank is full. Empty only features allow the bowl to be emptied using no water whatsoever. More information about the newly released marine toilet and its various features can be viewed at http://www.raritaneng.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/08/marine-elegance-promo.pdf.

Via: Raritan Engineering’s Marine Toilets Selected Best Choice By Practical Sailor

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