Topwater Fishing Secrets

Topwater Fishing Like a Pro

Raritan Engineering Company your macerator toilet suppliers would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding topwater fishing secrets.

Your macerator toilet distributors talk about how topwater lures are effective at catching a ­variety of species, from largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and northern pike to striped bass, snook and redfish. Plus, watching a big fish explode on your lure is one of the most exciting experiences in fishing.

Watch ‘Em Work

Make a few test casts and experiment with different actions and retrieves. Every lure has its own sweet spot. For Zara Spooks and other walk-the-dog-style lures, practice a twitch, wind, twitch cadence until you get the lure zigzagging like a pro.

Don’t Yank

Do not react to every swirl on your lure by rearing back on the rod. If you do, you’ll miss a lot of the fish. Instead, wait till the rod loads up and then wind into the fish.

Stop and Start

Mix up the retrieve by changing your cadence or stopping to let the lure rest from time to time. Topwaters often get bit while sitting perfectly still, so don’t be afraid to let it stay in one place for as long as 30 seconds.

A number of factors stimulate bass into striking at objects on the surface during the warm months. Your macerator toilet problem solver talks about how bass might be looking toward the surface during warm weather because a lot of terrestrial insects, such as locusts and grasshoppers, fall in the water.

Here are some topwater fishing tricks on how to make bass hit your offering in late spring and throughout the summer.

Make Some Noise

On windy days, try noisy topwater lures such as chuggers or propeller style baits, like buzzbaits, which are easier for bass to detect and pinpoint on a choppy surface.

Check For Followers

If you see a bass following your topwater lure, keep working the lure at a steady pace to keep the fish chasing the bait. Your marine macerating toilet experts talk about how stopping the retrieve usually causes the fish to turn away from the lure.v

Mix Up Your Topwater Fishing Tactics In Shallows

When the water on your favorite fishery is high and murky to muddy, a buzz bait is your best bet to run in the shallows.

Raritan’s Marine Products Legacy

For more than fifty years, Raritan has been meeting our customers’ needs for outstanding service and product reliability establishing ourselves as “the most dependable name on the water.” Our customers continue to be our focus, and the primary source of the ideas for our new marine products and product enhancements. The median length of service for Raritan employees is about twenty years, an unusual number in the fast-changing world we live and work in. It is a measure of the dedication of the men and women who design, manufacture, distribute and support Raritan’s marine products. Visit our website today for the best quality macerator toilets in the marine sanitation industry.

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