Your Marine Parts Depot Specialists Share the Recipe for Great Teamwork

Your Marine Parts Depot Specialists Share the Recipe for Great Teamwork dpS2AC

Your Marine Parts Depot Professionals Encourage You to Strengthen Your Team 

Raritan Engineering your marine parts depot analysts would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding the recipe for great teamwork.

Your marine parts depot experts know that teamwork makes the dream work. There’s no “I” in team. There are countless sayings because it’s such an important aspect to many things in life…including sailing. 

Recognition for a successful sailing campaign usually goes to the skipper and/or owner of a boat. Whether at the podium, on the trophy, or in a press release, their names are front and center. 


The teamwork we leveraged on- and off-the-water made the regatta both successful and satisfying. With the support of our partner boatyard, Sailing Inc. (Cleveland, OH), and Quantum Sails, the boats were rigged and tuned for the start of practice. 

Getting Ready to Rumble

To succeed, we relied on the many talents of our immediate team, as well as the team around us. The idea of teamwork extends beyond the on-board team and involves many players throughout the class. It’s important to recognize this, as it was a strong part of our success. 

Experience Matters

We ended up third overall at KWRW, and I’m quite pleased with this result. It improved on the 2016 results, and we felt that we left it all on the race course. 

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Your marine parts depot professionals feel that experience matters, but good teamwork (and knowing how to build it) can make a big difference. Remember, there is already a strong support network around you, including your local sail makers, hardware suppliers, boatyards, and yacht clubs.

To sail successfully, you need a crew that works together – having a shared purpose, able to make on-the-spot decisions, good at problem solving and communicating, trusting of one another and actively participating in the goal at hand. 

Here’s the five sailing essentials for a successful team building challenge:

1.    Take the helm

Teams of 7-18 people are allocated to yachts ranging from 33-45ft. An experienced skipper leads your team; providing positive feedback, encouragement and makes sure each team member is having fun and pulling their weight.

2.   Trim the sails

After boarding the boats, teams have a safety briefing and are off to practice their race moves. On-board, co-workers quickly learn they must abandon pre-existing relationships and solve problems together – helping to build team cohesion and break down silos.

3.   Grinding the winches

Now it’s time to put your race face on. Teams jostle for position on the start line before the race begins, but once the gun goes off, it’s all hands on deck to make it happen. 

4.   Learn to tack

Sailing simulates your work environment – constant changes and ‘unknowns’ emerge and your team must adapt and deal with the situation. Sailing around the natural landmarks on Sydney Harbour, you learn to watch the water ahead, judge the wind and adjust your course to make the most of the opportunities.

5.   Safe to harbour

Everyone is encouraged to participate and no previous sailing experience is required to capably reach the finish line. As a team building activity, it uses techniques that highly competitive yacht crews use and converts them into learning experiences that your team will never forget.

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