5 Products from Raritan to Fight the Odor on Your Boat

Whether a seafarer or a regular traveler, boat odors are something most have experienced. Boats are natural breeding grounds for mold. The damp, musty odor is quintessential, especially in older boats. Ventilation issues are one of the biggest causes of boat odors and are easy to fix. The stale, damp smell can be reduced by opening ports, hatches, and companionways to enable airflow through the craft.

The worst is the sewage odor from holding tanks. Boat sewage can’t be thrown away and requires a strict treatment process. The smell doesn’t mean that the boat is not cleaned well; it means that it will need something more to keep the odor away. If you have any of these issues, Raritan Engineering, the Most Dependable name on the Water produces many of the products you may need.

Raritan Engineering Company Inc.
Raritan Engineering Company Inc. has expanded and achieved steading growth, starting with a simple marine toilet for the navy. From being a pioneer in the marine manual toilet business, we have also introduced marine sanitation devices, holding tanks, strainers, sanitation accessories, marine water heaters, ice makers, etc. We took environmental responsibility even when there were no rules for that by introducing a way to treat toilet waste with bleach. We not only believe in hygiene but also help people keep their boats smelling fresh.

5 Odor Control Products from Raritan

Here are five products from Raritan which will help you fight the odor on your boat.

1. C. H. Cleans Hoses
You can use C.H. Cleans Hoses to clean the hoses while in place. You just need to pour the recommended mixture in and let it sit in hoses or tanks to work. You can save hours of messy work of unclogging a system by adequately maintaining all connections and hoses. Cleaning the connection between system components is critical for proper operation irrespective of the type of water you flush with. To prevent a situation where nothing leaves the toilet, you must regularly check for build-up and clean the hoses.

2. C.P. Clean Potties
C.P. Clean Potties is not like any other toilet bowl cleaners. It is the first one with a combination of a specialized strain of bacteria and 100% biodegradable cleaning agents. This product is specifically designed to keep the entire system odor-free and make the bowl shine like never before. It also maintains the bioactive environment, essential to control the odor in your holding tank. Initially, the chemicals in the cleaning products might affect the smell, but when you entirely switch to C.P. Clean Potties, you will experience an effective fresh scent.

3. K. O. Kill Odors
Knowing how to incorporate proven sewage management principles is the real key to controlling the sewage odor. Both aerobic and anaerobic bacteria break sewage down, but only anaerobic bacteria form gasses with the smell. K. O. Kill Odors is a bio-active holding tank treatment with live aerobic bacteria. It works with the aerobic bacteria in sewage to eliminate odor by completely emulsifying solids and paper and preventing sludge from forming.

4. Knock Out Odors Kit
The kit includes all three products mentioned above. Kills Odors works amazingly well with good venting. Just add it to the holding tank to break down the waste naturally. C.P. will keep the bowl super clean and smelling fresh with each flush. Don’t use any other chemical or cleaning product, as it will affect KO’s ability to break down the holding tank naturally.

5. Sani/Flex Odor Shield Marine Hose
Sani/Flex Odor Shield marine hoses contain a double steel wire helix reinforcement embedded in the butyl rubber. It also has a synthetic textile yarn that resists bursting from high pressure and clogs at fittings. The burst pressure at which it is rated is 315 PSI. This hose is highly resistant to collapsing from vacuum applications and pump suction. It carries a ten-year warranty against odor permeation and is 15 times more resistant to odor permeation compared to a standard PVC hose.

So, if you are fed up with the odor on your boat, and want to get rid of it, contact Raritan Engineering Company Inc. and check out our products in the Odor Control range.

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