5 Reasons to buy a 1700 Series Marine Water Heater by Raritan

Founded in 1958, the Raritan Engineering Company Inc. works in the field of marine products. The wide range of marine products includes marine toilets, sanitation devices, holding tanks, sanitation accessories, and many more. 

The key to the core values at Raritan is nothing but building reliable marine products. Apart from that, you can definitely invest in Raritan as you’ll get unmatched support after the sale. Today, we will discuss the marine water heater by Raritan and the reasons why you need to buy it.

1700 Series Marine Water Heater
This product is a small, insulated tank downstream of the pump. A pressurized water system is a must-have for you to operate this water heater. The water heater tank is filled with the water drawn from the storage tanks by the pump. There is an electrical heating element and a coiled tube called a heat exchanger inside the water heater. 

The water gets heated when AC power is available by the electrical element that is controlled by a thermostat. While the engine is running away from the dock, the hot engine coolant is driven through the coiled tube to heat the water in the tank.
Water heaters usually have four threaded ports. The tank inlet is connected to the outlet hose from the pump via a tee connector. 

A check valve is necessary for this line or in the heater to prevent hot water from migrating back toward the pump. The tee connectors are also used for supplying heated water from the outlet connection to the hot side of all faucets. The heat exchanger connection, depending on engine installation requires the other two ports. 

Never use plastic fittings to plumb a water heater; always prefer metal fittings. A pressure-release valve is an essential component; if it isn’t integral, the heater will require a fifth port for this.

5 Reasons to Buy This Water Heater by Raritan
1. Long Lasting & Durable
1700 Series Water Heaters from Raritan’s product line are built for the long haul. A rust-proof jacket and a glass-lined steel tank keep this marine water heater looking great and lasting for many years. Research has proved that glass-lined steel tanks are more durable as compared to tanks made from just stainless steel. A sacrificial magnesium anode that is included by Raritan to increase the longevity and fluctuations in water quality ensures a long tank life.

2. Better Heating along with Heat Exchangers
Non-CFC high-density foam insulation helps the tank maintain the hot water longer. It also helps if you are not willing to run the generator for hot water. Raritan provides units with heat exchangers in addition to the electric-only units. By circulating engine cooling fluid through the 7-foot-long coil within the tank, the heat exchanger allows the user to heat water when underway.

3. Especially Designed for Marine Environment
Raritan has engineered this 1700 series to work in a marine environment from the ground up. The dockside recovery rate of this heater is 13 gallons per hour. It can go as high as 18 gallons per hour with a 240V heating element. It can be set as high as 160o F since the heater includes an adjustable thermostat. To extend the tank’s usable capacity, you can mix hot water at 160 degrees with cold water.

4. Easy Installation
The 1700 Series Water Heaters can be easily installed. They are simple and effortless, with all plumbing connections on one side. It retrofits without bothering other pressure systems. The fittings for hot and cold water are standard ¾” male NPT, and the heat exchanger’s ¾” female NPT. This heater is available in 6, 12, or 20-gallon configurations.

5. Warranty and Technical Support
There is a five-year Limited Warranty for this tank. Every unit is assembled by hand and tested individually. This product is backed by a two-year Limited Warranty by Raritan. You also get legendary support from the technical team.

If you are searching for the best marine water heater for installation on your boat, go for the 1700 Series Marine Water Heater by Raritan. You will be more than satisfied by investing in this product by Raritan! Contact us today at 856-825-4900b to buy this water heater today.

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