Easy Tips to Pack Like a Pro for an Ocean Crossing

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Raritan Engineering Company your marine toilet specialist would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding these easy tips on how you can pack like a pro for an ocean crossing.

The 48th biennial Transpac Race is an exciting race. For the people planning to sail the 2225-mile course from Los Angeles to the finish line off Diamond Head in Honolulu, packing for the race is now a top priority.

Your boat toilets company wants you to succeed and wants to share with you these helpful tips. Will Paxton who has some 20 Pacific crossings under his belt, Quantum Pacific’s Will Paxton knows a little something about what to take for an ocean race.

“It’s eat, sleep, sail. You’ll find out pretty quickly there’s not much time for anything else,” he says.

Paxton says a good pair of padded shorts is the most important thing to bring, and make sure you invest in a fancy pair of thick, breathable socks.

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You get two pairs of footwear: boots and deck shoes. “If it gets light and warm, you can go barefoot, but I’ve seen a lot of foot injuries over the years.”

A digital watch with a light is also a must. You should also bring two pairs of sunglasses. “If you only bring one and you lose it, you’re handicapped the rest of the race.”

On most boats, you’ll be hot bunking, and often, but not always, the boat provides the sleeping gear. Check in with your boat as to whether you should pack a sleeping bag. Toothpaste and sunscreen can also be shared and may be provided.

An eye mask can be helpful for sleeping, especially during the day, but earplugs are a no-no.

Your macerating toilet supplier wants to remind you of this, of course every race is different. Know your course—a North Atlantic crossing will require more cold-weather gear than racing the Transpac or Pacific Cup to Hawaii.

Will Paxton’s Packing List:

  • Carry-on size, water-tight bag
  • 1 pair padded shorts
  • 1 set fleece underlayer
  • 1-2 pairs thick, breathable socks or seal socks
  • Boots
  • Deck shoes
  • Watch hat
  • Hoodie
  • 1 long sleeve technical t-shirt (white)
  • 1 short sleeve technical t-shirt (white)
  • Mid-layer sailing jacket
  • Off-shore foul weather jacket
  • Off-shore foul weather bibs
  • 1 pair breathable underwear
  • Wide brimmed sun hat or visor
  • Knee pads
  • 2 pairs sunglasses
  • Digital watch
  • Eye mask
  • Headlamp with red light
  • iPod and headphones
  • 3 tubes Chapstick, one for every pocket
  • Inflatable PFD with tether and leg straps
  • AIS beacon
  • Knife*
  • Small water-tight box for personal electronics and chargers
  • Razor—you might get a bucket shower and a shave half way there

So remember these simple points to pack like a pro for your next ocean crossing….1) eat, sleep and sail,  2) check in advance of your sleeping arrangements, and 3) bring proper footwear.

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