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Melville, New Jersey,  –
An award-winning marine toilet, the Marine Elegance® from Raritan is offered in an array of sizes and shapes,
flush water alternatives and control options, ranging from a simple pushbutton switch to a sophisticated
programmable electronic SmartSwitch. It can include a patented, switchable SeaFresh™ water configuration, a tall or
short bowl and even a slanted or straight back.

Although the Marine Elegance pushbutton model was selected as a Best Choice by Practical Sailor in recent tests,
Raritan’s most important recommendations come directly from its customers no matter which model or options they

Cameron Hancock of Ontario, Canada says, “A nicer toilet, the Elegance is a full one-piece unit that looks and
feels like home. It’s less expensive and draws lower power, we used an ammeter to test it.”

Offering a sleek, vitreous china bowl and full-size toilet seat, the Marine Elegance delivers a streamlined
presentation and is easy to clean. Featuring Vortex-Vac® Flush technology, it provides quiet, efficient flushing
action and performs at a noise level of less than 63 decibels, about the same as conversational speech.

Making installations in tight spaces possible, the incredibly compact head has a simplified mounting system. Bob
Benton of Palm Coast, Florida purchased a Marine Elegance head and installed it on his 1987 Carver Voyager.
“Installation was so easy even I could do it,” said Benton. “The instructions were clear and concise and everything
worked and fit exactly as it should. The enclosed templates and mounting brackets made drilling holes and mounting
the head very easy.”

“My boat is fairly small and therefore my fresh water tank is quite small, making water conservation very important
to me,” continued Benton. “The Elegance uses so little water to flush, it’s almost negligible, thanks to the
programmed Smart Switch control.”

The powerful head can pump an amazing 10′ vertically and 100′ horizontally. A built-in shredder with stainless
steel blades breaks waste up into small particles to reduce clogs.

“We converted from the Vacuum-based system to the freshwater 4-button controlled model, said Bill Lentz, who owns
Wireless One, a 1993 40′ Mainship sedan bridge. “It has been over two seasons and we’ve never had the head clog or
backup. We actually believe the unit could chew up and spit out a golf ball in pieces.”

Raritan’s Marine Elegance SeaFresh configuration enables users to flush with seawater to conserve onboard water,
rinse the bowl with fresh before leaving the boat for a few days or when traveling in areas where outside water may
be contaminated.

Contact Raritan, 530 Orange St., Millville, NJ 08332. 856-825-4900; Fax: 856-825-4409. mailto://;

Raritan Engineering Company, Inc. was founded in 1958 on the basis of the Patent for the PH Marine Toilet. Its
successor, the PHII is still manufactured by Raritan. The Crown Head, the world’s first macerating Marine Toilet
followed in 1966. The first small on-board waste treatment system came in 1974. The pursuit of innovation has
continued over the years, with numerous patents and product improvements.

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