Macerator Pump Experts Share Holiday Boating Safety Suggestions

Three percent of BoatUS members who responded to a recent survey said fireworks displays are the only reason they will venture out after dark all year long.

Raritan Macerator Pump Specialists Give Ideas On How to Keep Your Family Safe During the Holidays 

Raritan Engineering your macerator pump suppliers would like to share with you these topics we thought would be of interest to you this month regarding holiday boating safety tips.

Your macerator pump professionals share how three percent of BoatUS members who responded to a recent survey said fireworks displays are the only reason they will venture out after dark all year long.

BoatUS said the Fourth of July holiday period is shaping up to be the busiest time of the year for the nation’s recreational boaters, with boating traffic potentially surpassing last year’s levels.

The BoatUS member survey also showed that about one in three, or 36 percent, of respondents are “very to extremely likely” to operate a boat at night to see a Fourth of July fireworks display from the water.

Three percent said fireworks displays are the only reason they will venture out after dark all year long.

“With nearly 12 million registered boats on the water, boaters will need to take special safety precautions during the holiday period,” BoatUS Foundation for Boating Safety and Clean Water president Chris Edmonston said in a statement.

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BoatUS is offering eight tips to boaters on the holiday — wait to celebrate with alcohol; the more lookouts, the better; go slow after fireworks; get kids’ life jackets free via the BoatUS Foundation’s free kids’ life jacket loaner program; don’t overload the boat; be a safe paddler; and urge people to never swim near a dock with electricity or in a marina or yacht club.

Lastly, BoatUS urged boaters to avoid the two biggest hassles.

“The nationwide TowBoatUS on-water towing fleet traditionally reports hundreds of battery jumps and anchor-line disentanglements over the holiday,” the group said. 

The U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary is urging all boaters to use extra caution while boating during the upcoming July 4th holiday. The 4th of July, along with Memorial Day and Labor Day, typically account for more than one third of all boating related accidents and fatalities.

In light of the dangers, the Coast Guard Auxiliary is offering seven tips to stay safe while boating during this busy summer holiday:

  •  Always wear a life jacket: While in many areas of the country it’s hot and steamy, don’t be tempted to forgo wearing a life jacket. Accidents happen quickly, and often there isn’t time to put on a life jacket once an accident has happened.
  • Make sure your boat is properly equipped and that required equipment is functioning properly: The 4th of July is sometimes the first and only time people venture out on the water after dark. 
  •  Be prepared for emergencies: Accidents happen quickly, often with little or no warning. Take the time to familiarize your crew with basic emergency procedures, and show them how to contact authorities for help via marine radio or cell phone. 
  •  Boating and alcohol do not mix: Boaters are also reminded of the dangers of drinking and boating. Along with decreasing the operator’s ability to make good judgments, the consumption of alcohol also negatively affects the ability of passengers to respond in the case of an emergency on the water. 
  •  File a Float Plan with a friend: A float plan for a boater is similar to a flight plan for a pilot. It lists who is going, where you’re going, what the boat looks like, and when you expect to be back. 
  •  Practice the 3 Cs – caution, courtesy, and common sense: Use caution, especially in close quarter maneuvering situations with other boats. In such situations, slow speeds are better. 

By following these seven simple tips, you could save your life or the life of your passengers.

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