Raritan Crown Head Pump Assembly

Raritan Crown Head Pump Assembly

By Raritan Engineering

The Crown Head is a powerful centrifugal macerating toilet that thoroughly breaks down waste in preparation for treatment or holding and requires little maintenance. It can be ordered with a 90 degree or a straight discharge fitting, a white marine-size bowl or household-style bowl available in either white or almond.


Before starting installation be sure that all parts that were ordered with your model have been included: The complete Crown Head unit includes:

Bowl, seat and cover, motor assembly, shroud assembly, siphon and check valve assembly, Concentrate tank, 2 oz. (59ml) of C.P., two mounting strips and an owner’s manual.

Below water line installations must include vented loops. The top of the loop must be above the waterline at maximum heel to prevent siphoning.

At Raritan, we offer dependability where it counts.

Be Sure To Get Your Crown Head Pump Assembly at Raritan Engineering.


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