10 First-Time Boating Tips for New Boaters

If you’re thinking about buying a new boat or already have purchased a new one for the first time, this article is definitely for you. Others renting a boat or tagging along on a friend’s boat will also find this article useful. You will be happy to know that apart from being a fun experience, boating has a great positive impact on your health and mind.
But inexperienced people might not be comfortable since it is their first time. No need to worry; we’re happy to help you. Here are some tips that will help enhance your first experience on a boat and make it a fun, safe, and rewarding one!

1. Prioritize Safety
Boating is an incredibly low-risk activity, but if someone gets hurt, the fun stops abruptly. Therefore, before starting your first boating journey, you must learn about boating safety. Referring to a boating safety guide before you shove off the dock is a better way to maintain safety on the boat.

2. List down the Activities You Want to Try
Once you are confident about safety, the next thing you need to do is decide the activities to try on the boat. You can think about some activities that your entire family can enjoy. When you are ready with a plan, arrange the boating accessories necessary for those activities.

3. Check for Weather
Undoubtedly, the weather is a crucial factor to consider before you prepare for a boat trip. Carefully pick your weather and avoid stiff breezes or thunderstorms. Check weather safety tips for boaters. It allows you to have some insight into good boating conditions. Always check the weather forecast before planning a boat trip.
4. Remember – Walk Before Your Run
If you are a new boater, never start with long-distance trips. Instead, you better begin with short trips that don’t take you too far. Smaller and shorter trips help build confidence for long-distance trips. You can learn to handle various situations on short trips and then go for long trips.

5. Life Jackets for All
Remember to pick out comfortable life jackets for every person on the boat. Life jackets are particularly important if you are taking your kids on a boat trip. Do not prefer ill-fitting or poorly designed life jackets. Instead, choose a comfy jacket for everyone as per size or age.

6. Plan Ahead with a Pre-Departure Checklist
You can take some time out to plan before your trip. You don’t want to be rushed when you’re new to something. You need some set-up time for stowing the gear and preparing the boat for launch. You can go through your pre-departure checklist and confirm all things.

7. Slow Down While Facing Waves
This is quite simple to understand, but most of the new boaters don’t slow down for big waves, even after hopping over a few small ones. It hurts the passengers who are not prepared for impact more than the captain who can see the wave coming. Remember, passengers aboard may feel a bang if the captain feels a thump.

8. Learn to Adjust the Trim
While running your boat, you can play with the trim a bit to find your boat’s sweet spot. Many new boaters forget about trimming since the boat seems to be running fine. However, trimming can make the ride much more comfortable when correctly done.

9. Get the Entire Crew Involved
Assign jobs to your kids and crew members on the boat. One of the best things about boating is that it naturally promotes teamwork. This is possible only when the captain provides an opportunity to everyone aboard. You can allow the youngest crew members to participate by giving them a simple task.

10. Enjoy and Don’t Forget to Wave
Have fun on the boat with your family, and remember to wave as you pass your fellow boaters. It is not only a part of boating etiquette but also a part of the lifestyle. So when you see another boat out on the water, just wave to each other.

So if you are about to have your first boating experience, follow the tips mentioned above and enjoy a safe and fun experience. And if you need any marine products for your boat, contact Raritan Engineering Company, Inc. and avail best quality products!

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