Why is Raritan Holding Tank Monitor the Best One in the Market?

Founded in 1958, Raritan Engineering Company Inc. started with a single product: a marine toilet. Raritan has continued its pursuit of innovation over the years and holds numerous patents and marine product improvements. 

Today, we have become a trusted name in the field of marine products with our principle of delivering the best to our customers. Raritan’s wide range of products includes marine toilets, sanitation devices, holding tanks, accessories, and many more. 

This article focuses on the Raritan Holding Tank Monitor and its specifications that make it the best in the market.

Raritan Holding Tank Monitor

Regarding holding and water tanks, Raritan provides over 200 sizes and shapes of tanks. Using these tanks with easy-to-read level indicators improves the simplicity and experience. This is the finest holding tank monitor available on the market, and it can monitor up to four tanks from a single, convenient location. 

By simply pressing its touchpad, you can clearly see how full the tank is on the smooth surface of the indicator panel. This product is specially designed for holding tanks made from plastic, fiberglass, or fiberglassed wood. It is available for 12, 24, or 32V DC installations. 

Now let’s look at the features that make it the best on the market!

Features & Benefits of Holding Tank Monitor

You’ll get the following features and benefits with Raritan Holding Tank Monitor. Go through them to explore how they contribute to making it the best.

  • No Need for Special Tank Fittings
    When you install the tank monitor, all the components are externally mounted on the tanks. There are no internal probes or floats. Since all the parts are mounted outside of the tanks, they allow dependable operation. Thus they eliminate the need for special tank fittings.
  • Reliable Electronic Design
    Raritan’s holding tank monitor is characterized by a reliable electronic design. It is safe for the marine environment and is durable with high performance. Since the electronic components are completely encapsulated, they are protected from the harshest environments.
  • Compatibility
    As we have already mentioned, Raritan’s holding tank monitor is compatible with any polyethylene or fiberglass holding tank. It can also be used for fresh, gray, and waste water tanks. Remember, it is not designed to be used for fuel tanks.
  • Easy to Use
    This tank monitor is very easy to use. You can clearly see the contents or reserves of a tank by selecting a tank on the touchpad. The international symbol labels are provided for easy understanding at quarter tank intervals. The indicator panel receives a signal from the tank module that senses the tank’s contents.
  • No Maintenance is Required
    This tank monitor offers reliable, convenient, and maintenance-free monitoring of up to four fresh, gray, or waste water tanks. Since there are no internally mounted tank sensors, there is no need for the inevitable maintenance.
  • Consistent Performance
    Whenever you buy some equipment for your boat, you want it to perform consistently without causing problems. The gold-plated connectors of this tank monitor ensure consistent and trouble-free performance. This certainly makes it the best choice for your boat.
  • Simple Installation
    For many electronic devices, complex installation becomes a major turndown. Thanks to Raritan’s tank monitor, you can easily install it. It only requires a basic understanding of electrical wiring.
  • Power Efficiency
    This holding tank monitor from Raritan is featured with low power consumption. Thus it requires less energy and reduces the cost of power consumed. It performs consistently without fetching much power from the supply.
  • Smooth Surface
    The rugged and flush-mounted indicator panel of Raritan’s holding tank monitor has a smooth surface, and there are no protruding parts such as switches or gauges. Besides, this tank monitor has no moving parts.
  • Warranty & Technical Support
    Every unit is assembled by hand and is tested individually for quality and performance. All the tank monitors are backed by Raritan’s one-year Limited Warranty, along with legendary technical support from the team. So be rest assured of the money you invest in this tank monitor!

The above features and benefits definitely make it clear that it’s the best product available on the market! 

If you are looking for the best holding tank monitor for your boat, contact us at Raritan Engineering Company Inc. today!

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