How Does the Electroscan Waste Treatment Device Work?

The Clean Water Act (CWA) is important federal legislation that addresses the pollution in U.S. waters. Sewage discharges coming out of vessels are controlled in parts by using equipment that treats or holds sewage. These are called Marine Sanitation Devices.

While this was an unexplored market in the 1970s, Raritan Engineering worked with Diamond Shamrock to develop a waste treatment device for the vessels. Raritan strongly believed that the smallest of the boats discharging a flush should help protect the water and the environment.

The original design had a simple macerating box injected with a specific amount of chlorine as a disinfectant. It was simple, yet it solved the issue of infecting the water with harmful bacteria. That system generated hypochlorous acid when electricity was applied to saltwater. Even lab tests proved it to be helpful as the system reduced the fecal coliform count to less than 14 parts per 100 ml. The U.S. Coast Guard and USEPA enacted legislation to regulate vessel discharge as the years went by. The current law states that a Type I device can not let out more than 1,000 fecal coliforms per 100 ml. Note the effectiveness of our product as the first Lectra/San by Raritan only let out 14 per 100 ml!

The evolved version of the Electroscan has remained the same while only the amount of power has changed. The basic principle has remained the same while only the amount of power has changed. Research and comprehensive tests have shown that increased amperage does not mean better treatment. We have new controls that keep the amperage at a certain level.

About Electroscan

Electroscan is the new generation water and waste treatment that has replaced the first Lectra/San System. The discharge left from the system is safe for the environment, plus it also has reduced the power consumption by up to 36% from the original system. The system includes a treatment unit, LCD, system status panel, cables, and a module box. The LCD provides detailed information, shows the current system status, and stores the data history for future diagnostics.

The system’s operation is simple – it needs salt water to function correctly. If it doesn’t get full seawater conditions, salt can be added to start the functioning. When activated, the electricity applied to the patented electrodes generates a powerful bactericide to kill the bacteria and viruses. The high-speed macerator then breaks apart the waste, ensuring more contact between it and the disinfectant. This is a flow-through device; hence the previously treated waste is pushed out once the toilet is flushed.

Here is the detailed process:

  • The system begins treating the waste that has just entered the first chamber of the macerator. The waste receives its first treatment here.
  • Next, the electrode plates create electricity that converts salt water into a powerful bactericide, hypochlorous acid.
  • Some treated discharge may enter the second chamber when the toilet is flushed again, which gets stirred and treated similarly. 
  • The treated wastewater returns to its original state of salt and water; hence no harmful chemicals enter the environment.

Features of the Electroscan

  • The U.S.Coast Guard approves it as a Type I Marine Sanitation Device for boats up to 65 feet in length.
  • Coated electrodes with saltwater kill bacteria without the need for harmful chemicals.
  • Fuses and relays are eliminated because of Solid-State Overload protection. A simple reset can help start the functions again.
  • Historical data is stored onboard and sent to the dealer or factory. It can be easily downloaded to a PC.
  • It comes in three voltage options – 12v, 24v, and 32v.
  • It eliminates the need for huge, bulky holding tanks as our system treats each flush.
  • Extremely simple to install and use with one-step activation.
  • It can be operated by pressing one button, “Start/Stop”. One-touch can activate the flush and the treatment cycle.
  • It can be installed with 1 – 2 marine toilets to form the complete sanitation system.

The Electroscan is an environment-friendly solution to dumping the holding tank in the water. Raritan Engineering has been a pioneer in marine toilet products since the 1960s. Your search for the best waste treatment device ends here!

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