Working on a macerator pump is one of the most unpleasant jobs on a boat. With Raritan Engineering’s patented 53101 Macerator Pump with Waste Valve Assembly, this project is fast, clean and easy. Plus, because the system is so reliable, it puts an end to maintenance woes.

A key element in the Raritan solution is its ultra-durable macerator pump. A unique nitrile rubber impeller allows it to run dry three times longer than other brands while a Viton motor shaft seal is spring-loaded to reduce leakage. Fasteners and the heavy-duty chopper are all stainless steel for a long service life. Available in 12V DC or 24V DC, the motor is ignition protected and completely sealed.

Unlike traditional external ball valves that require space to operate and need to be completely removed when working on a pump, the Raritan Waste Valve Assembly features a quick disconnect. With the turn of a hex head lever, the waste tube is closed off. This allows the macerator to be removed from the integrated valve assembly. Fool-proof and leak-proof, it makes servicing a simple and spill-free process. Highly adaptable, the 53101 Macerator Pump with Waste Valve Assembly will discharge left, right or from the top. It has a free flow rate of 11 gpm and 6.4 gpm with a 20′ vertical head. The intake plumbing connection is 1-1/2″ FNPT with an included 1-1/2″ barb fitting; the outlet is a 3/4″ MNPT fitting. It measures 11″ L x 7″ W x 5″ H.

The optional Raritan Smart Macerator Control (SMC) adds an extra layer of protection to the 53101 Macerator Pump. Continually monitoring pump activity, it will automatically turn it off if it senses priming failure, dry running or a power surge; resetting it is as easy as turning the device off and on. While the boat is unused, it routinely moves the impeller to keep it from binding.

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