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Product Name: C. H. Cleans Hoses

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Weight: 13.0000 lbs
Width: 0.0000 in
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C. H. Cleans Hoses

Cleaning the hoses in a black water system on a boat is something that is the most overlooked maintenance item until you get a clog! Most salt water flushing toilets will build up calcium carbonate much faster in the hoses and connections than freshwater systems. Both will also build up with uric scale. Regardless of the type of water you flush with cleaning the connection between system components is critical for proper operation. While there are stories of hoses being removed and beaten on the dock to break up the build up that method is far from practical. Not only is the removal not possible in some configurations it certainly is not easy or pleasant.

The use of C.H. Cleans Hoses allows the hoses to be cleaned while in place. Simply pour the recommended mixture in, allow to sit in hoses or tanks and let it go to work! By properly maintaining all connections and hoses it can save hours of messy work trying to unclog a system. A typical 1 ½” hose can be completely filled up within just a few years of use. Hoses can become so built up to the point where there is less than ¼” of space for anything to move through. Regular checking of build up and cleaning of hoses can prevent a situation where nothing leaves the toilet!

Cleans Hoses is also ideal for cleaning all of Raritan’s Type I MSD the Electroscan or the original Lectra/San. All of these systems are subject to the same type of buildup that are found in hoses. By regularly cleaning the Treatment Systems they will continue to operate and run properly. One of the major causes of the electrode failure is actually lack of proper maintenance and this product put in for several hours to a day will help to properly clean the plates and the spaces between them.