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Product Name: Knocks Out Odor Kit

$ 220.00
Weight: 5.7000 lbs
Width: 9.0000 in
Height: 9.0000 in
Depth: 11.0000 in
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Knock Out Odors Kit KO2

Eliminate rotten egg smell In all raw water toilets with this simple system.

By drawing a small amount of C.P Cleans Potties into the incoming water the rim of the bowl will be fully treated with a non chemical enzyme that prevents that horrible rotten egg smell. Most owners do not realize that it is the seawater and brackish water organisms dying in the rim of the bowl that sit until next use. No amount of cleaning or chemical used in the bowl can prevent the odor.

The key is to treat the water before it enters the rim of the bowl.

This kit is specifically for use with raw water toilets as freshwater toilets do not suffer from the same issues because freshwater should not contain organisms. Proper use of this kit will help to keep your entire sanitation system smelling fresh not offensive! Nobody steps on a boat and wants to smell the unpleasant odors that can be associated with a sanitation system in poor working order. The first step starts with the C.P. being added to each flush to prevent the outside water from being overwhelming when the first flush is initiated after sitting for a period of time.

In addition to treating the incoming water we include the K.O. Kills Odors to add to the holding tank. Kills Odors works exceptionally well with good venting. No chemical can be used in the toilet as it will kill the good stuff in KO designed to naturally breakdown the holding tank waste while minimizing the odor. The second step is to add the K.O. to the holding tank to naturally break down the waste. With each flush the C.P. will not only prevent odors but it will also help to keep the bowl sparkling clean and smelling great! If a little extra cleaning is necessary just squirt some C.P. in the bowl to clean it!

No other cleaning product should be used with the K.O. 

Other cleaning products will reduce or completely eliminate the effectiveness of the K.O.


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