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Marine Elegance Electric Marine Toilet by Raritan Engineering

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

Product Name: Marine Elegance

$ 1,305.00
Weight: 50.0000 lbs
Width: 23.0000 in
Height: 22.0000 in
Depth: 17.0000 in
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Marine Elegance

The Marine Elegance is the ultimate in electric marine toilets. Offering the luxury of a full size seat in a one piece china bowl developed with a unique mounting system. In addition to its very clean looks and full seating area it offers a super small footprint at just 8 ½” x 9 ¾”.  All toilets are now supplied with a slow close toilet seat that includes stops to help prevent the seat from shifting while in use during heavy seas. With the same Vortex-Vac technology also offered in the Atlantes Freedom it creates a vacuum in the bowl eliminating the need for extra vacuum generation equipment. Unlike typical vacuum toilet systems, a convenient, built-in shredder with stainless steel blades transforms waste into small particles to reduce clogs. The efficient action of the pump quickly and quietly pulls waste from the bowl with the ability to push the waste an amazing 10' vertically and 100' horizontally. Performing at a noise level less than 63 decibels it won’t alert everyone in the boat or on the dock that nature is calling. 

Offering an angled back for a contoured fit, or straight back for more traditional installation the Marine Elegance is also offered in short or tall heights. A fully-programmable Raritan Smart Flush Control gives users four flush options for maximum flexibility. The Marine Elegance can be flushed normally or with a low water option. An environmentally-friendly function helps conserve precious water onboard and extends the useful capacity of most holding tanks. For users not sure if they want to use onboard fresh or outside raw water Raritan was the first to introduce a toilet that offered what we call SeaFresh – A system that allows you to flip a switch and choose onboard fresh water or outside raw water. Models utilizing the SeaFresh system include both a remote pump and a fresh water solenoid along with proper protection from your onboard water supply. The SeaFresh has become more popular for those realizing that fresh water toilets don’t smell as much as raw water toilets but using all your onboard water for toilet flushing is not practical. Because of the way it is installed you can flush the toilet with freshwater before leaving the boat thereby reducing the raw water odors associated with raw water only flushing. 

Marine Elegance Innovative Design

Both the design of the bowl and control are innovative making this toilet very unique in it’s class. The Smart Toilet Control allows water to be added to the bowl before use. A discharge loop eliminates odors and enables the bowl to hold water similar to home toilets. Specially-designed holes under the bowl rim deliver unmatched rinsing capabilities with less water. The newest control includes Bluetooth technology that allows the owner or the Captain of the boat to easily change the flush program and even troubleshoot the toilet. The most unique feature is that the flush control can be mounted near the toilet without having to fish wires through the walls. The touch pad works wirelessly another unique innovative design introduced by Raritan.