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SeaEra QC Electric Macerating Toilet by Raritan Engineering

Product Name: SeaEra QC

$ 1,185.00
Weight: 43.0000 lbs
Width: 23.0000 in
Height: 22.0000 in
Depth: 19.0000 in
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SeaEra QC

This robust little electric marine toilet is the perfect fit for someone looking for a reliable macerator as a step up from a manual toilet. The base is able to rotate 90 degrees allowing it to fit nicely in spots where a manual toilet had been installed. The SeaEra QC differentiates itself from the original SeaEra by offering the installation option of either pressurized freshwater with a solenoid valve that is built into the base or with a remote intake pump for outside raw water.

The SeaEra QC also offers the very popular SeaFresh option. The SeaFresh allows the user to switch between either onboard fresh water or outside raw water with the flip of a switch. Freshwater flushing is preferred by many to minimize the odors associated with raw water flushing. However, in many smaller boats freshwater is not in abundant supply.

The ideal situation for this would be to use raw water as the regular flushing method and then anytime the boat will be left for a few days use the freshwater to simply clear the lines of any raw water. By clearing the lines of outside water you will prevent the ever so common rotten egg smell that great many raw water users.

By making the choice to go with the QC you open up the control possibilities as the QC allows separate control of the intake and discharge. Allowing the user to wet the bowl first if desired or to flush the toilet without adding water if that is preferred. The independent control of the intake and discharge is often preferred over a simple pushbutton that always runs intake and discharge at the same time.

The SeaEra QC offers both a marine size bowl for those concerned with saving space or a Household size bowl providing more comfort for anybody using the toilet. Both sizes offer a slow close toilet seat with stops on the underside to help minimize the seat from slipping side to side when in use in heavy seas. Some of the design features that set the SeaEra apart from other competitive models are that it is designed with a full size joker valve to reduce the probability of clogs. The stainless steel blades are designed to efficiently macerate the waste and quickly discharge the bowl with minimal water use.

For those wishing to have a very quiet flush we highly recommend the freshwater model. Noise can be minimized on the remote intake model based on how and where the pump gets mounted.

The SeaEra QC motor is coated to help minimize motor rust and extend the life of the unit. Control options include the STC or Smart Toilet Control. This allows the user to set a timed operation so a single push of the button will activate a flush cycle that brings water in, then runs the macerator then brings more water in to minimize water usage and maximize the flush efficiency. The STC also allows for individual control of intake and discharge in addition to the timed flush options.