Water Heater (1700 Series)

Raritan made a choice over 50 years ago to produce a longer lasting water heater rather than a cheaper water heater. When it comes to materials the glass lined tank simply outlasts any other material that is used for water heater tanks. Many customers ask why we don’t offer a square tank but even inside the square tanks is a round tank. Most boats need all the space they can get so it does not seem to make sense taking up space with a square box around a round tank. Raritan’s water heater was originally designed with regular fiberglass insulation and a metal jacket.

It was not uncommon for the jacket and outer part of the tank to rust while the glass lined inside remained strong and viable for well over 30 years. In the late 80’s, early 1990’s Raritan changed over to a closed cell foam that will not absorb moisture and helps the tank to retain heat much longer than the original fiberglass lining. Another notable change was developing a plastic out jacket that would not rust.

Raritan offers the option of 120V or 240V operation as well as a heat exchanger. The heat exchanger option can no longer be added at a later time, it must be ordered at the time of purchase. Unlike many water heaters that have single or double tubes that stick into the tank Raritan offers a heat exchanger that is coiled throughout the tank which gives the heating coil incredible surface capacity to heat water quickly while underway.


Electrical Recovery Rate:
13 gallons per hour.

Max. Operating Pressure:
75 psi

10 (120V AC), 5 (240V AC) or 18.75 (240V AC) for model 17200203

Adjustable; Factory Set to 120°F


3/4″ NPT

Sections: Repair Shop