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PH Superflush

The best manual marine toilet on the market. Recognized worldwide as the standard in manual marine toilets because of its sturdy reliable design. The largest capacity piston type manual toilet offers the user dry or wet bowl flush. The retractable handle design allows for minimal intrusion into the head area when not in use but offers superior pumping action when extended making it much easier for all types of users to flush. The larger capacity pump housing means easier and faster flushing, builder models typically require twelve to twenty strokes to move the waste out of the toilet where the PH Superflush requires only about 6-10 reducing the amount of effort to flush the toilet.

In addition to the larger housing the PH Superflush also utilizes a full-size joker valve which helps to reduce or eliminate clogging of the toilet. The housing has a special air vent on the front allowing the user to flush the toilet without bringing in additional water. The piston pumps are always dual action which means as they bring water in they also discharge. The air vent helps to prevent pressure from building if the intake water is turned off but discharging of the toilet is necessary.

The new PH Superflush has the option to be upgraded to electric operation at a later date if desired. Raritan produces the only electric toilet that can be quickly converted to manual operation should there be a problem with power. The models include either marine size bowl or a household size bowl both with slow close seats. For installation flexibility the pump can be mounted on either the right- or left-hand side of the bowl.

Part Number: P101
Shipping Weight:33lbs
Shipping Height:23in
Shipping Width:24in
Shipping Depth:16in

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