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Legacy Products

Raritan has been in business since 1958 and since that time we have developed and retired many products!

Because our goal is to try and continue to support those who have supported us we have a policy of trying to keep parts for at least 7 years after a product or variation has been “retired”. One of the best examples may be the original PH toilet the first variation was a fully bronze unit built for the Navy.

In the 1960’s it became one of the largest molded plastic parts to ever be built. Then in the early 1980’s the PHII was developed that offered some improvements over the original design. In 2010 we were still able to supply a few replacement parts to a customer who wanted to keep his original PH.

While that is certainly an extreme case we still are able to supply some parts that have been out of production for more than 20 years.

Another Legacy product that has both improved and stayed the same since 1972 is the Lectra/San while some parts today are still the same as in 1972 there are many important improvements that make it a better Type I Device than it was in 1972.

The Electroscan won’t be found on these pages because it is truly the latest and greatest. However, the many variations from the first twist type timer through the Lectra/San MC can be found here. We find important to provide our customers with older manuals and information so that they don’t need to simply trash equipment that might still work with the purchase of a few simple parts.

Raritan strives to make products that last and the proof of that longevity exists in our Crown Head, we still get units back on our exchange program from the 1980’s. How many toilet manufacturers that build toilets today can claim they have toilets in the field and working more than 40 years after they were manufactured? 

In addition to toilets and sanitation which are our core product line these days we also are one of the few marine manufacturers to offer a glass lined water heater.

While we offer a 5 year tank warranty it is quite common for us to get calls on units that are 25+ years old. The water heaters are a prime example of many changes over the years by improving the jacket and insulation but the basic unit is still very much the same.

 In this area there is a variety of information but, should you not find what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us. Some products may look the same but changes have been made so it is always best to snap a picture or have as much information as possible so that we are able to help you identify the product and what parts you might need.

Along with offering legacy product support through manuals and diagrams we also offer legacy support with legacy employees. Many of Raritan’s staff has been employed for over 30 years. This kind of employee longevity helps us to support those products still out in the field that were built over 30 years ago.

We are fairly certain that employee retention and quality products are one of the things that make Raritan a special and valuable company to do business with.